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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.15.233 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. kalo86
    Ok, but your sentence is not totally true because I can hear in high gain at level 45 (just for example) or at 85 in low gain.
    My question is mainly concerned on what is the impact of the gain (low - medium - high) on the sound quality.
    If iBasso had choose a different way like the following:

    Low Gain: volume between 1-50
    Medium Gain: volume between 51-100
    High Gain: volume between 101-150

    Then, each of us cannot have any question and doubt about the gain.
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    You can ignore my reply as it was based on my understanding of an analog gain. When it comes to digital gain I have learned much less and I am currently researching it to learn more.
  3. cycheang
    Details is superior than AMP Stock I would say and yes MID is still detail and layered.
    For the sound signature, I can't really comment on that as I'm still beginner:smile_phones:
    how to differentiate cold or warm ? :disappointed:

    Oh ya, I highly recommend you to try the AMP9 as I remembered that you like the microdetail of the sound.
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  4. amahikas
    Thank you so much. that means a lot for me.
    i don't have time to write my impressions in english, but someday i want to and connect much more with Head-fiers.
  5. Paulo Abreu
    AFAIK High gain has the best SNR since its a digital gain out of the DAC before analogue amplification.
    As analogue amplification acts on the whole spectrum, rising volume on medium gain to equal high gain will consequently rise noise floor at the same amount.

    After this post I should be distinguished with an Headphoneus Supremus emblem... LOL
    ... (or be downgraded to Headphones noobilatus)
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  6. mattmc1228
    Connected to my S10+ 5G and went to stream tidal and others and the music plays through phone speaker.
    Seems it is not recognizing the DC01.
    Any help would be appreciated
  7. CobraMan
    There are a few of us getting around 5 hours. For reference - I use Mid gain setting and typically volume at 66, sometimes up to 74/76 for lower recorded songs or even a bump up to High gain, using Sony MDR-EX650 T IEMs which are 32 ohm.

    Using a QC/PD compatible charger I get a full charge in about 2 1/2 hours from a discharged state.

    Hope this helps.

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  8. CobraMan
    Can be - depending on the rest of the system design/architecture. I prefer iBasso's approach to dual DACs where one DAC is dedicated for each channel and the single ended/balanced outputs are dealt with in the amplification circuits.

    Other manufacturers have implemented dual DACs where each DAC generates both left and right channel analog output and then use only one DAC output for single ended and combine the signals from both DACs for balanced. Personally, I do not care for this approach and when I asked in other threads for technical rationale or pros/cons of that architecture versus the iBasso design there was no response. From what I have seen the Cayin N8 also follows a similar approach as iBasso for the dual DAC implementation (here is a link to info on the N8: http://en.cayin.cn/upload/products/20180930/201809301041597678.jpg).

    Anyone else have any thoughts or opinions to share?


    @Paul - iBasso - would love to see a system block diagram for the DX220 if it is not too much trouble or something considered proprietary.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  9. MaxD
    OK cool, I'll keep going and see how it pans out. Thanks to you and everyone else feedback.
  10. Nestacres
    Thank you
  11. JamesKH
    Whatever happened to that guy rutter (sic?). Board took on an entirely different personality when he complained about everything under the sun and plus some. Smart guy but had a lot of issues.

    Btw, Neutron updated their android app to support DX220: “Filter and gain support”
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  12. panasonicst60
    I think he got banned from this thread. He was actually entertaining to me :)
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  13. dhc0329
    Not sure if the picture will come out right but I really like the color of new Mitter case.

    20190723_134243 (1).jpg
  14. Paulo Abreu
    Nice. Is that case the one that allows the DAP to stay in a leaned position?
    Update: anyway for headphone use this wouldn't be possible.

    I like the navy blue? Color.
    Is it tight or a "bit” loose as original case?
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  15. jamato8 Contributor
    I contact Dignis every one in a while, because I like their cases the most. Guess what, they are making a case for the DX220.
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