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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.13.202 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. Reima
    There is also a thread in the DIY section:
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  2. iMongui
    Wow, I noticed a dramatic power increase consumption using 228, im not sure if its under the range or if its something wrong but in something like 20 minutes, 8% drop, 35 volume, high and Andromeda s as iem, mango os btw.

    In any case, the sound it was improved on a more way than the drama that im having for the consumption so its totally worth
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  3. Whitigir
    Yeah, Amp8 is the most powerful module. It also depends a lot on the load that it is connected to. If you connect it to a harder to drive gear, then it would consume more power, which overall is ways worth it for the performances as you said.

    I love Dx220 and Amp8 for a reason :wink:, enough to EX-modify them both.
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  4. iMongui
    When you say the word EX it means...? Because I see a lot of different modifications to apply on this dap/amp, can you try to do a quick brief? :) thanks in advance
  5. Whitigir
    you can read more here

    “EX” as a word was originally thought and named onto this modification by me, and it stands for E-Xtreme-Fidelity. I would Originally call it “eF”.....However, the modification would require everything else to be “EXtreme”....the components of choices, the intensive labor, the high risk of damaging....etc....

    Therefore, EX, is this specific modification followed bellow

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  6. alexmason
    Another question - what about DT1770 Pro on AMP1MK2?
  7. icefalkon
    The original DX220EX and AMP8EX are running fantastically Vince!! I feel like a pimp, I've shown off your work on this so much!

    The first EXtreme mod was invented and performed by @Whitigir, that's why we call it "his" EX mod.
  8. fokta
    Unfortunately, I only bring AMp1Mk2.
    I prob will try to do side by side when my AMP8EX Fan edition come...

    Hehehe.. I really hope so, the waiting really getting to the nerve....
  9. MaxD
    I have been living with the AMP8EX for a few weeks now. Loving it! Using the CFA Solaris mainly but tested with the Sen 660 s too.. Was using a copper cable but just too much base, still controlled but felt a littl out of place on some tracks, went back to pure silver and it is just excellent relay controlled base now. Mids are faster and slightly more forward. I was having to EQ the mids a bit for vocalists and my ears but no more. It is as perfect as I can imagine it.

    High hats now relay sound like high hats :), Only down side seems to be power consumption, it feels like I have it on charge all the time, but it could just be I am listening for longer as it is sooooo cool. The effort to mod it was well worth it.
  10. javahut
    Are there any known issues with USB connection for file transfers?

    When I attempt to connect to a Win10 PC for file transfer, the DX220 connects to the computer, at least for a short while. It charges. I can see it in Device Manager (indicates DX220), but it indicates device is not functioning properly due to "Windows 10 cannot load the drivers required for this device". Then after a short while, it disconnects. Sometimes the DX220 restarts when attempting to set it to file transfer mode.

    Also... I have one cable and one port that the DX220 will connect with pretty much every time (when it doesn't restart). It works fairly well. But I have multiple other USB-C cables and ports that it absolutely will not properly connect with (as I said, connects for charging and PC Device Manager sees it for a short while). And all of these other cables and ports all work flawlessly with my DX200, A+K SE100, and A+K SP1000m.

    I'm thinking it's gotta be a problem with the USB-C connection on the DX220. Unless there's a driver I need or something. But I didn't think I need one for Windows 10. Surely the USB-C port on the DX220 shouldn't be this finicky to connect.

    I'm startin' to think I need to send it back. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Any help or input appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Whitigir
    I use windows 10 and I am ok without problems when using androids OS and usb connection set to file transfer. It was plug and play
  12. duyanh43
    Can I ask if AMP9 High Gain can drive HD800? Or I have to switch back to AMP8
  13. thedanadamsusa
    Hello All,

    I want to upgrade my DAP soon, and am hoping for some insight from anyone who has experience of the models and IEM's I use and am considering. I currently have a Hiby R6 DAP and a pair of Legend X IEM's, with an Effect Audio Lionheart cable - 2.5mm balanced silver and gold. I listen pretty much exclusively to FLAC files, stream from Qobuz, and have the odd DSD. My main priority is sound quality, but the ability to add Qobuz - to stream and listen offline are important factors.

    I have a conundrum though, inasmuch as I thought I knew which DAP I wanted to add next, but now I am not so certain! For a good while I considered the A&K SP1000M as the next logical step for me; as it definitely ticks all my boxes. But more recently I've been reading a lot of positive reviews of the iBasso DX220 - esp as PinkyPowers and Twister6 have both given the DX220 glowing reviews, and noted how well it plays with the Legend X. This component synergy is obviously very important to me too. My main dilemma is that even with potential Black Friday discounts, the A&K SP1000M is going to be at least 2.5 times more expensive than the DX220. I appreciate the law of diminishing returns with Summit-Fi DAPs, and even though the A&K SP1000M looks good value compared to the original $3500 cost of the A&K SP1000, I'm interested in discovering how much better the A&K SP1000M actually is - if it is at all, compared to the DX220. Can anyone enlighten me please, because I want to make the correct choice in a week, or so?

    Many thanks in advance!
  14. duyanh43
    You simply can't go wrong with DX220, one of the best p/p device in the market. Besides, Hiby R6's output impedance is 10Ohm which is not ideal for IEM users so I think you might want to replace the R6 soon. Cheers
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  15. thedanadamsusa
    Thanks again for your opinion. Have you heard the DX220 and the Legend X? Or have you heard the A&K SP1000M with the Legend X? I'm trying to ascertain what, sonic differences there are between these DAPs. I appreciate that you like the DX220, but many folk are complaining about the sluggish UI. I have seen it in operation and I wouldn't describe it as sluggish! It seems like it's too easy to make a blanket statement like the UI sucks, and completely write off an otherwise solid device.

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