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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.13.202 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. iMongui
    Let me try in the afternoon as im going to the work right now and in fact im not in my country right now but I will try with a bluetooth speaker that I have in the hotel, then in my home I will be able to try with the usb cable, lets see if my DX its a magic device or if you are right :)
  2. Jester0fTortuga
    And for what its worth, I just plugged my headphones in via USB-C and attempted to play several 16/48/44/41 tracks. None of them played. No problem via UAPP tho.
  3. ILyaX
    In my situation it doesn't work with hugo2, I tried all the otg cables I have (3 of them), nothing works on Mango. And on Android it only works with all sorts of clicks and noise with UAPP only (unlistenable).

    So when you're using Mango OS, you just put that usb cable fiio cl06 and music starts to play through it into fiio q5? You don't do any additional settings?
  4. highfell
    I like the Neutron player and use their upsampling feature, although it kills battery life and makes my DX209 super hot.

    In simple terms, what does ALL to DSD actually do and will it make a difference to CD quality 44.1 16Bit flac files
  5. atahanuz
    Make things clear. Here is how Hugo and similar devices work.

    Source Device( DAP, laptop, smartphone etc.)sends the digital data to Hugo.

    Source device's quality doesn't affect the sound quality by any means because all it does is sending the digital Hugodata to. Your audio's data is 10101011110010111001 ? It sends it exactly as it is to Hugo and every device do this process equally. So there won't be any differences between a cheap smartphone and a NASA supercomputer as source devices.

    Hugo then converts the digital data to analog singal with its DAC. Then it amplifies the signal with its AMP sends it to the headphone.
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  6. iMongui
    Yes, I connect the cable on the usb-c part (explaining for a dummies, just to understand) on the DX220 and the microusb part on the Fiio Q5 data port, once both parts are connected, when I play music I listen normally, I just need to be sure that the work mode its usb, not optical, not coaxial, not bluetooth, just usb, and set the volume desired, that's all, then just enjoy the music
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  7. Paulo Abreu
    I don't think its that simple, as other forum members with better acknowledgment already tried to explain. Those 1's an 0's are only the chapter 1 of digital transports.
    Have you heard about noise, jitter, clock, etc. in digital signals? or do you think a $5000 transport (i.e. CD) is pure marketing mimic ?
  8. ILyaX
    I see. Well that's great for you.
    Anyway, my coax cable is on it's way. Hope DSD will work over it, I guess I'll find out soon.
  9. ILyaX
    Personally I don't think software upsampling will make sound any better. But it certainly makes everything hotter :beyersmile:
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  10. Lurker0
    You are not right if both devices are connected by means of electricity. The noise from the source comes into the DAC through all the connection wires and then goes into its analog circuits, affecting the analog signal converted from the digital stream. If you need more info, please start reading
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  11. ehjie
    Thanks for sharing. What about Soundstage size? against the current dx229?
  12. Roasty
    Is anyone having trouble updating Spotify via apkpure?

    My update kept failing the install process. I rebooted. Tried updating but failed again. Tried uninstalling, but now I can't get it to install at all.
  13. ExpatinJapan

    Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold, iBasso DX220 and amp 9. Symbio Mandarine W Peel tips
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  14. KLJ1992
    Thinkin about trying amp8 sometime next month. Anyone who has 8 can tell me the pros vs amp9?

    Mainly rockin the it04 and sine dx here.

    Also gonna buy that transparent case I saw a few pages back. Aliexpress still the best site right?
  15. Paulo Abreu
    Ok, I accept, Thanks! Please ship them to my address (nobody knew this was a give away, right?)
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
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