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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.13.202 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. Whitigir
    Edge of the case is made by metal with leather wrapped over it
  2. MilesR
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  3. dcguy73
    Is that TPU case available from anywhere other than Taobao? I'd be up for trying it, but it's out of stock there.
  4. alan_g
    wish amp3 would hurry up and get amp9 into stock
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  5. BiggieBig
    why not order direct ?
    I had mine in 2 days :)
  6. alan_g
    any extra charges??
  7. singleended5863
    Just about $25 DHL express.
  8. Paulo Abreu
    just order it. Think later
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  9. Kitechaser
    Ribbon and solid cables sound the best, at least to my ears. Stranded cables are inferior, and need really good shielding, electron hopping between strands is a real thing. Again, this is how I hear it.
  10. Pictograms
    Ahhh, okay... is the 200s case the same, I’ll go dig it out
  11. Paulo Abreu
    Hey guys, not much important but now and then I check the temperature of DX229 at the touch of hands, I'll have to check better but strangely on a few occasions I've noticed it was cooler when playing 192Khz/24 than 44.1/16 ??? Am I normal? (Not DX220, yes, me...) :thermometer_face: ...
  12. AndrewH13
    Yep with all the talk here, I gave in and wanted to check out for my 200Ti. But fed up with waiting for Adv-mp3, i ordered directly. Paid few pounds customs to DHL after TEXT message then quiet for 2 days. Now says delivery tomorrow although still showing in Hong Kong!
  13. AlexRv
    The price for Diana made me hurt, but I’ve bought them after 15 minutes of audition. I’ve bought Diana without Phi (I can’t imagine the sound of upgraded version), and they were the best headphones I’ve ever heard. After vacation I’m going to listen every song from my collection with Diana, because they become new to me)) The only sad thing, that my dx220 can’t drive Diana as it should be(
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  14. arijitroy2
    Even with the amp8 you can't drive it? Among the top tier headphones, Phi looks like the only one that is light and portable. But it's a open back!!

    Sadly where i live people don't usually buy these expensive ones, so have to take the leap of faith!!
  15. Pictograms
    I have the regular Diana as well, was trying to decide between the Phi or not but I don’t live anywhere close to physical shops... I went with regular Diana because I read the Phi was less forgiving of recordings.
    Anyway I use them with AMP5 and think they sound fantastic (only at 80 volume) maybe I listen low but I think they are driven just as well as with my Cayin HA-1A mk2 which has so much more power (I only listen at about 10oclock position).
    I don’t think they are as hard to drive as people make them out to be... even my PS4 controller works okay
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