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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. tompaz909
    Please shoot me a pm if anyone is looking to sell their AMP4 or AMP4s.
  2. aaf evo
    As of a few hours ago Zeppelin & Co had 4 AMP4s in stock, they're a Singapore based company, if you reach out to them on Facebook you can order them assuming they still have any in stock.
  3. tompaz909
    Any idea how much they are, S$299?
  4. meomap
    $200 USD
  5. BigAinCA
    Hmm .. I do not see them listed on their facebook shop and they are closed now. do they have a regular website shop set up?
  6. aaf evo
    I don't believe so, use Facebook messenger to contact them. I think they have an email listed on their Facebook page also.
  7. BigAinCA
    yeah, been keeping in touch with them via facebook...just sent them another message. They are pretty good at getting back with ya when they open. :)

    Hopefully they are not out yet. They said they would contact me when they came in.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  8. CalvinW
    Unfortunately, they are sold out too.
  9. BigAinCA
    Strange. When I talked to them 2 days ago they had not come in. At least that is what they told me.

    Well, guess I will find out tonight when they answer my message.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  10. CalvinW
    Hopefully, you are able to get one then..
    I was just looking to get another one for my dx150
  11. BigAinCA
    At least you have one :D I assuming you have one since you said "another" :)
  12. KEV G
    There’s always Amp 4s little brother Amp 3
    A very good amp also, and could keep you going until a 4 turns up
  13. icefalkon
    Well look what Santa brought me early!

    kubig123 likes this.
  14. KEV G
    So your definitely not on the naughty list then eh :smile_phones:
  15. icefalkon
    Naa Kev, I've been good! LOL

    Now if only my wife would see that! :wink:
    KEV G likes this.
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