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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. AugustineNg
    I wonder if the periodic cracking sound still exist in latest Lurker's build. As that was actually quite annoying, made me reverse the machine back to official build of 2.4.
    But I do urge to use the google play, for the app purchase certification.
  2. natemact
    @ZzmadzZ Maybe I've just been getting lucky?:fingers_crossed:
  3. natemact
    Have you tried both 2.4 and 5G? 5G was my fix
  4. AugustineNg
    You have misunderstood my words. I was talking about the 2.4 firmware that Lurker modified, but not wifi
  5. Lurker0
    It is still there if you play 16/44 material via USB Audio app. But you don't have to do it anymore: both UAPP and Neutron can play it directly and bitperfect.

    If you ask about something else, please be more specific.
  6. AugustineNg
    That sounds great! However, I still got an app that only stream cd quality. I think I should only use the neutron instead.
  7. dsrk
    May I ask why you are giving up on DX200? is it because of your DX150?
  8. KEV G
    So, just changed from Amp 3 to Amp 4s :ksc75smile:
    To me, there is quite a change to Amp 3 and I really wasn’t expecting to hear this much difference!! More sparkle, bass hits harder and a bigger soundstage and this is two tracks in..... holy moly, what’s it going to sound like after 100 hours. Amp 3 on steroids :L3000::L3000::L3000:
    Glasha likes this.
  9. mrmoto050
    Nope, I may get rid of it also. Just tired of all the workarounds. Even with Lurkers FW.
  10. ZzmadzZ
    Workarounds for? Ak380 by its own is a great dap no doubt though. But I thought DX200 itself is also considered very stable.

    The difficulties you were facing was probably not due to sound quality? It’s more of an UI type of thing?
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  11. Dobrescu George
    What happened to you? Didn't notice you needed many workarounds :)
  12. aaf evo
    Can the title of the thread be edited for amps 4S and 6? It’s driving me insane. XD
    BlueWindNoise likes this.
  13. Dobrescu George
    Come one, this is part of the fun, I think iBasso is lovely for providing so many AMP modules for their amazing DAPs!
  14. singleended5863
    Couldn’t agree more! :wink:
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  15. mrmoto050
    Has nothing to do with sound. Mostly UI. Irritated about USB out. Just bought a Cinnamon toslink and it sounds pretty good out of optical . I have quite a few DAPs as do you. The AK's just work right out of the box. I have 3.The only drawback is no Tidal DL and amp interchange. Don't get me wrong iBasso products are great but both iBasso and FiiO are behind the curve when it comes to UI. They should subcontract @Lurker0 .
    Venture Guy likes this.
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