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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. natemact
    Ya but just to our own kind. You gotta problem with that? Didn't think so. Hahaha jk jk:smile:
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  2. Whitigir
    Does it matter ? Cables brings about 10% or 5% changes and it can cost $4000. There are huge differences for 10-5% of u are approaching disminising return
  3. natemact
    @Paul - iBasso Yes 5G took care of any interference! Now actually attaining 5G was a little more difficult lol. Channel 36 did the trick on my router though!
  4. icefalkon
    Yes I had one for a week before the NYC CanJam to test and show off.


    I said before that the sound of the DX150 is reminiscent of the iconic DX100. Which is my all time favorite sounding player.
  5. ZzmadzZ
    Yes I was referring to the different channel bandwidth of your router settings! Sorry I wasn’t clear previously as I typed that reply to you at 1am hahhaha.

    Glad someome gave you a better tutorial! Usually 5ghz requires a lot of fiddling to make it optimal but once you have it, you will be a very happy man with a DX200 hahahahha
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  6. ZzmadzZ

    Agreed! I tried it for about 2 hours in my local distributor shop and was very very impressed with it plus the price. I was so closed to ordering it until I couldn’t resist and went to try the DX200.... then the DX200 games began..... hahhaha

    And I ended up with amp4s and amp5 :o2smile:. But darn the price for dx150 is crazy good.
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  7. cshong615
    Haha, I had a very similar experience. Waiting for the DX150, then said screw it, will order and try a DX200 in the meantime. Loved the sound so returned my N5ii (though that was an awesome player soundwise bugs aside). Then ordered a DX150 out of curiosity and later a Amp4s and have been comparing both the last few days.

    Posted a few thoughts on the DX150 forum, but after trying the Amp4S in both, I've noticed the following:
    1. DX150 (Amp6) vs. DX200 (Amp1) - overall DX200 wins in overall vocal/instrument polish and soundstage. DX150 felt vertically congested at first but has improved after around 100 hrs burn in. Overall the $400 price difference likely not worth it for many. If I hadn't tried the DX200, the DX150 would have been a definite keeper for me
    2. DX150 (Amp1) vs. DX200 (Amp6) - similar. Liked the bass bump on the DX200 w/ Amp6 but felt it was more subtle a change
    3. DX150 (Amp4s) vs. DX200 (Amp1) - this is where I started feeling the two starting to get a bit closer together. Soundstage edge went to the DX150 due to the Amp4s, but the DX200 sound still felt more polished/refined
    4. DX150 (Amp6) vs. DX200 (Amp4s) - for me no contest, the DX200 sounds incredible with the Amp4s. Noticeably taller sound stage, a nice subtle warming of the sound (to other folks' comments)
    So unfortunately due to poor self restraint, I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the DX200 + Amp4s and returning/selling the DX150. :) Considering I started my search with the Shanling M3S @ $279 (also a fantastic DAP), I've really let this get way out of control...
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  8. singleended5863
    @ZzmadzZ did you listen DX150/ amp6 combo? How do they sound compared to DX200 with amp?
  9. mrmoto050
    not so, disagree imho.
  10. singleended5863
    Thank you @cshong615 for the comparison between DX200 and DX150 with the amps you got.
    Change my mind to keep DX200 for now and maybe wait until DX250’or DX300 is coming out then. :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  11. ZzmadzZ
    At the shop i was listening to the dx150 with the amp6.

    At first listen it was fantastic. Warmish very very smooth and lush mids. The treble is very airy and there were no sibilant and the high hats sounded clean and natural. Decays are very nice also but as many have mentioned, it sounded very close to the original dx100.

    Bass was good but imo its sub bass presence could be better, it lacks the satisying decay after each bass hit.

    Vocals are fantastic, very lush and full. It can be said to be one of the most reference sounding vocals for a dap, with almost little to no coloration to the vocals.

    However, even though dx150 was that good, when i decided to test the dx200 with the stock amp1, my opinions to want the dx150 vanished completed hahha. DX200 is that impressive! The treble is way my style. It is definitely more trebly then the dx150 but it was not sibilant at all, it has this delightful sparkle at the high treble which gives instruments and vocals the extra oooohmp factor which i like.

    Vocals are so much cleaner and brighter then the dx150 too. Vocals sounded more raw and lifelike, it is not as reference sounding as the dx150 were, as it provided some coloration to the vocals. To describe how vocals on dx200 sound like, it will be like attending a life concert with the singer singing live instead of having those studio equipment EQing their voices. Vocals are filled with emotion and simply gorgeous. DX150's vocals however indeed sounded like a studio recording.

    Bass response is more satisfying for the dx200 too. The bass are airy and decay very naturally.

    Soundstage wise.... Dx200 wins hands down obviously hahaha.

    That's the reason why i ended up with the dx200 after that fateful day of actually wanting to buy the dx150 :L3000::L3000:.
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  12. icefalkon
    I understand that! lol

    Guys understand that the DX200 is the iBasso flagship and the DX150 is their mid-range unit. You're not going to get the same depth, quality of sound from the 150 as you will with the 200. That's a fact.

    However, the DX150, at its price point is a fantastic player!
  13. BlueWindNoise
    PSA: Always, no really ALWAYS, check your volume level when going from Android to Mango and vice versa.

    Since my last firmware update I've been having some phantom swipe issues in Android mode and I thought I'd go to Mango to see if the issue existed there. Now, I've been in Android mode with AMP4s and volume levels varying from 35-45. The last time I was in Mango I was using AMP1 and the line out in the car. Volume was 130. You can guess what happened next. Jarring is an understatement. Not to mention dangerous. Wow. That's the first time I've done that and hopefully it will be the last.
  14. ZzmadzZ
    Not so for me too.
    Whose firmware? Stock or Lurker?

    My volume stays consistent for me using L1. While changing modes, dx200 usually retains the original volume you last left it with. I just tested and it seems fine hahaha. But thanks for the reminder!
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  15. BlueWindNoise
    Lurker's L1. I thought that was the case too. But it was definitely not. And I know better because I have to watch that with the DX90. It may have been because I switched amp modules. That's the only thing I can think of. I really don't ever want to do that again though. :)
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