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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. singleended5863
    To my ears amp5 sounds kind of little muddy warm compared to amp4s has layers and articulate warming sound with some details... I do not know if it is because of different IEMs/CIEMs.
    That is why most of headfiers here raved the amp4.
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  2. jamato8 Contributor
    I did extensive comparing today of the 1Z and 200 with the AMP4. They are both excellent. What I hear more of with the 200 is sound behind the performer and dynamic contrasts but the differences, IMO, are small. The acoustical reflections of sound are more obvious to me with the 200 over the 1Z. Timbre on both are very good. The very best I have heard was the DX200 Cu, which is a mute point since it isn't available but worth mentioning.
  3. ZzmadzZ
    DX200 is no doubt the best value for money if you want good sound yet affordable price. In fact the nuance improvements in going to higher end models such as SP1000 or 1Z wont be heard as clearly unless your using a super TOTL iem IMO. For most of us(common peasants :dt880smile::dt880smile::dt880smile:), i think pairing our current IEMs with the dx200 is astonishingly good enough.

    However if you have the extra dough to go for the higher models.... Thats a different story HAHAH
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  4. ZzmadzZ

    Nice take on the amp4s. By the way, both of our listening preference seems to be very similar. What you described is what i feel about the amp4s too! Amp4s compared to amp5 the major difference i feel is the clarity in vocals and the very smooth rendition of the female low and high vocals. Very pleasing to my ears....
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  5. singleended5863
    To the Spartan’s owners DX200+amp4s really makes the Spartan performing at best with vocals with details after the third day breaking in amp4s (I did mention Spartan sounds thin and bored couple days ago). :)
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  6. icefalkon

  7. jamato8 Contributor
    I can worm my way out of this. I no longer here it so it is mute. lol Oh, did I write here, it is not longer here.
  8. kubig123
    Completely agree with you!!!

    it's definitely the most enjoyable amp I heard so far, it pairs exceptionally well with the SE5u and the Fibae3. :ksc75smile:
  9. jamato8 Contributor
    And that is the point, it is the nuances that I hear difference with the DX200 and AMP4 picking up more natural acoustical reverb on any of my IEM's or Headphones, though it is only the better headphones that make it clearer what is going on, along with the better IEM's.
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  10. icefalkon
    I may have screwed my AMP4 up...my cat knocked the DX200 off the desk with the adapter in...now I have a little wobbly connection and some minor static going on...

    Schiit... @Whitigir will the fix you put up help this? I might need a hand...lol

  11. icefalkon
    LOL no no no don't you go playing that one...

    I know you can spell...so there! lol
  12. natemact
    Not to take away from the 4s impressions - wish I had something to hook into mine lol - Anyone ever notice intermittent static noise when streaming Tidal or even just in the app no music playing? Same goes for Tidal via UAPP. I only get it in left channel as well.

    Could this just be the byproduct of living in a condo? Wifi pollution?? I would say it sounds identical to what a dirty pot sounds like. That same scratchy noise but very, very quiet. Can't hear it with music playing save for extremely quite passages. It's extra bad (read: continuous, same volume though) after pushing play while waiting for track to play. I can at least say this is not firmware related having tried that.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  13. natemact
    Ah I see there's a Bug/Issue thread
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  14. jockwong


    Just got the iDefender today. Having the same issue that batracom is having. Before connecting the external HDD / OTG drive, I connect:

    Power supply -> iDefender -> USB female A to male C adapter -> DX200

    It is not charging the DX200. When I then connect the external HDD to the iDefender's female end, it appears to power the HDD.

    Wondering if we need to reverse the connections? Based on the manual / description (https://ifi-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/data/manual/iDefender_manual.pdf), the iDefender's USB A male end is supposed to be connected to the PC, meaning the "source" of the data? And the external power supply is supposed to power the USB DAC (substitute the DX200 here), apparently connected via the USB female?


  15. artpiggo
    No. It should work like we connect. I tested it with very first FW of DX200. I will test at shop again when have time.
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