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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. foxtrot
    Is it tested by the manufacturer? No? What? No?
    You can not guarantee this! Li batteries burn and explode if the charging mode is broken ...
  2. AllNight
    I have been waiting for the AMP4 and have been checking the iBasso website for updates and when I can place an order.

    Now I read this.

    Please explain where you you got this information, and how iBasso customers like me can find it.

    Having owned the original DX100 (which now has a broken wifi), and recently purchased the DX200, AMP3, and AMP5, this does not exactly give me the warm fuzzies or makes me feel like I have any sort of value to iBasso as a customer. Kinda feel like I'm ready to give up on iBasso.
  3. CalvinW
    Nobody knew the original AMP4 had a limited production so it ended up sitting for a while. Meanwhile for the amp4s, Paul told us it was only limited to 250 units beforehand and it ended up selling out in less than a day. Guess people just love it more when it’s hard to get
  4. ZzmadzZ

    Hi, for your broken wifi module in your dx100, I am sure you can contact @Paul - iBasso and he will advise you if it’s something he can repair for you for a small fee.

    My old dx90 had an issue with the jacks and Paul allowed me to send it back for repair. His service is impeccable so try pming him or emailing him to ask.

    As for the amp4s most of us follow this thread. Paul announced 1 week before the amp4s was released the specs and all. So we were all lock and loaded to purchase. However, seems like demand is way more then 250 units hence it was sold out in a day.

    If I’m not wrong major distributors around the world are getting 20units each. Check with them to make a preorder. All is not lost yet!
  5. ZzmadzZ
    Ok... now we need to be clear about this. Who are you foxtrot? Are you iBasso? You are aligning yourself and speaking as if you are someone working for iBasso.

    @Paul - iBasso can you please clarify if foxtrot is part of your team? If he is please officially introduce him. If his not please make it an official announcement. This guy is making it seem as if iBasso is using him as a spokesperson on issues that they themselves do not dare to address.

    @Paul - iBasso please clarify this.

    In addition, the release of amp4s was in fact not announced by IBasso officially. It was foxtrot who leaked it out. So am I supposed to trust what foxtrot is saying? It can’t be a conicidence that he predicted the amp4s release to such a high extent.

    If he is just a leaker and not ibasso’s staff, Paul should come out and tell us that.

    I will prefer to have official announcements coming from someone in iBasso and not some guy whose identity or intentions are unknown.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
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  6. Venture Guy
    Amp4s is listed as "discontinued" on US site...
  7. CracKinGDucK
    Just to say before the pre-order begins, I have preordered mine long ago in the name of amp4 in advancedmp3 since February.
    It's limited so it's normal someone cant get it. Me myself missed the amp4 and followed this thread, baidu tieba, and the hong kong distributor closely.
  8. Victorfabius
    Yeah, it had a run of 250 units and sold out the same day it was released. There are some distributors who got some units in the world, but I'm not sure who. No idea if there are plans on making another run iBasso hasn't released a comment that I've seen yet. Might have missed one. I kept lurking and struck gold eventually. I hope you're able to get one somehow! Alternatively, FiiO released their own 4.4mm jack module and they aren't out of stock yet. In case you have an X7, X7II or Q5. It's a great time to be alive, isn't it?
    Venture Guy likes this.
  9. icefalkon
    Paul has said numerous times that this clown is absolutely NOT with iBasso. I have the emails to prove that.

    Now, who is this clown? I venture he's either a competitor or someone else in the industry.
    acap13 and ZzmadzZ like this.
  10. AllNight
    Thanks, I'm not sure about service as it needs a new battery and is painfully slow anyways.

    Sound like there is a major supply/demand issue with AMP4. Not sure why that woud be. Maybe they should increase the price? (Not that I'd like that but otherwise it sounds like you'll be extremely lucky to even be able to buy one... unless that's the intention? (I hope not.))
  11. ZzmadzZ
    I haven read any official posts by Paul here that foxtrot is not affiliated with them.

    For newcomers whom venture to this thread, if they would have read foxtrot posts, I’m afraid the first thing it comes to their mind is that foxtrot is iBasso.

    And apparently his uncanningly accurate prediction of the amp4S is before Paul announces it sorta took the icing out of the cake...
  12. ZzmadzZ
    Paul probably still provide support for that. No harm asking him!! I love my dx90 a lot and still do even with the DX200 thus it’s a no brainer for me to have it repaired.

    Lol now now we don’t want our future amps to cost more then the player itself right? Hahahaha. Please do not increase the price please :deadhorse:. I probably spend more on all the amps then my original DX200 already HAHAHA
  13. ZzmadzZ
    Hint hint. The 20 units to the major distributors are still not sold out yet since they have yet to receive their stocks.

    Zeppelin and co. In Singapore does provide overseas shipping and they do have 20 units coming in too!
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  14. NaiveSound
    What's the least fatiguing (peaky amp? I love treble, however I need something that isn't peaky and shouty similar to how the se846 sounds, what's the best amp or dap anyway for this purpose
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