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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. linux4ever
    Hence the reason I mentioned that I don't understand their thought process and that I've no complaints . I never mentioned that I'm worried about it. I just posted my observation and my thoughts. :)

    I pay when it's worth the money. And what the business does for its operations is up to them. I'll not lose my sleep over things which are beyond my control.
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  2. ZzmadzZ
    For those asking if a fresh install of firmware might solve issues, the answer is yes and no. Sometimes if a previous flashing of the firmware was not done in the right way, there will still be some fragments of the data stored in the memory, hence this may cause issues when you try to use the DX200. However in most cases a factory reset should resolve most issue, but if it don’t a clean install might be more useful.

    The next question, to use stock or to use lurkers firmware.

    IMO this depends mainly on your own usage of your DX200. Did you buy the DX200 with the sole purpose of having a player that has easy access to the playstore and minimal need to Google for apks etc and side load?

    Do you want a player that is fully optimised for the maximum audio playback capabilities of the inbuilt dac?

    Do you hate the font of the current stock firmware?

    Do you want to squeeze out the maximum amount of batter from your DX200 per charge?

    If you answer any of the question as positive, then I will recommend you to install lurkers firmware. Lurkers firmware is not a brand new firmware, instead it uses the exact copy of IBasso’s official firmware and optimises it to allow the DX200 to perform better in its technical proficiency. For example, lurker removes useless mandatory android service from the official firmware that does nothing to the sound quality. IBasso are not able to remove these useless services “Oficially” from the services due to android restrictions.

    But this will will also mean that whatever bugs is in the stock firmware will be brought over to lurkers firmware. There are certain cases where lurker will produce fixes for these bugs but he is not obliged to.

    So for people who just want the DX200 for listening to music via the stock mango player, there is no need to flash to lurkers firmware as iBasso have already made the firmware very very stable for the best music experience ever.

    Hopefully this will help people to decide if they want to stay on stock firmware or lurkers!
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  3. W4lt
    A few weeks away from the dx200 tread, coming back, amp4s was launched and already sold out :) waiting for the next run
  4. Lurker0
    After several months of investigation, tries and tests, 2.8.198L1 is available for general public. The changes compared to L0 are:
    1. Less power consumption in both active and sleep modes. It also runs cooler.
    2. Tuned charging process, to prevent overheat, especially during playback with a charger attached.
    3. A fix of Hiby Music: I've found out, that it was staring with the system boot, and never fully exited, actually. Now it starts by demand only, and fully exits by "Exit" button.
    4. USB Audio does not hide music player icons on selecting an active player anymore: with the fix of Hiby Music, and new UAPP version, there are no conflicts between them.
    5. A fix against "pops and cracks" when playing back from on-line services (Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music confirmed).
    6. Fix against hang on boot or reboot on some devices.
    Note: No of my devices reproduce problems #5 and #6 in either way. I list them based on feedback from more than one tester for each problem.

    To those who are running test builds: Please update with the release! Only one of you is running the release build (who made me the final test today).

    Many thanks to all the users who was involved into troubleshooting and testing! I just couldn't reproduce all the possible cases myself!
  5. ZzmadzZ

    Oh yeah!! Music to my ears :D
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  6. CracKinGDucK
    Still no news from the uk distributor :frowning2:
  7. KEV G
    There’s another delay, so it’s going to be next week now. :triportsad:
  8. singleended5863
    So to avoid trouble (or maybe struggle) for me do I upload and install Lurker1 FW exactly the same way as Lurker0 FW like before or need to read to follow new instructions (?).
  9. Lurker0
    There are no any new instructions. The way to flash the firmware is still one and the same per platform (Windows or Mac OS).
  10. singleended5863
    Thank you. Would you send me the link of new Lurker1 FW? :L3000:
  11. singleended5863
    My amp4s has been cleared by the LA custom and hopefully it will be delivered today. :beyersmile:
  12. Lurker0
    Why can't you click a link in my signature or in the announcement?
  13. ZzmadzZ
    Darn my friend had his amp4s delivered today. But my DHL driver had to forget to put my package in his van when he went out for delivery this morning... Just my luck :triportsad::triportsad::triportsad::triportsad:
  14. parabellum777
    Thank you so much for your work, Lurker. I´ve updated with no issues and I´m currently enjoying this new firmware version.
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