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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. Mython Contributor
    Maybe the 'new technology' involves hypnosis, binaural beats, and subliminal masked-messaging? [​IMG]
    I'm pleased to hear the team are taking the project seriously, in terms of ironing out as many bugs as possible, Paul.
    I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing the fruits of the team's labours.
  2. wirefriend
    There were some rumors that DX200 will have pluggable amp modules (like Fiio X7).
  3. audio123

    u r spot on
  4. HiFiChris Contributor

    So apparently my keyboard software failed and here was standing some nonsense with bold, underlined and missing letters.

    What I initially wanted to say: It's already been confirmed by iBasso that there will be replaceable amp modules.
  5. lurkusmaximus
    Thank you so much for the update. It really helps those of us who tend to be impatient, yet at the same time hope for a very high quality product. We can be a very demanding lot as you well know. Much better to put the time in now and get it right, than rush it out, and have multiple updates just to get it to where it should have been at release. We appreciate high quality at release. It is well worth the extra time in my book.
  6. Peridot
    Or even worse ... rush it out and have no updates to fix the bugs but move on to developing a new player instead, as both FiiO and Onkyo appear to have done with their recent products [​IMG]
    lurkusmaximus likes this.
  7. hongky
    @Paul - iBasso Any possibility to change balanced connection using the new 4.4mm JEITA std ?
  8. bharat2580
    @Paul - iBasso  take your time i am still enjoying the dx90 and saving money ...
  9. the wizard of oz
    Hell, I'm still enjoying my DX100 while patiently awaiting a true successor. None of the DAPs that have come out since the launch of the DX100 have tempted me so far.
  10. Kerouac

    I'm also enjoying the DX100 (picked one up some months ago) very much.
    Maybe DX50 & DX90 (which I had both) had slightly more advanced UI and the extra hardware (play/pause/fw/next) buttons are a big plus. But DX100 beats them both in the sq department imo [​IMG]
    High expectations on DX200 sq! [​IMG]
  11. the wizard of oz
    Me too!

    And swappable amp modules is good news, since I wasn't overenthusiastic at first with no 6.3ømm headphone output.
  12. Onitsuka
    I really hated my DX90 because its poorly design UI and lack of streaming ability. However I might buy DX200 if it solves those problem. Plus, please find a way to improve battery life to at least 10 hours. (4200mAh is a good start)
  13. Steve80
    DX90 is still one of the best Sabre's DAP. 
  14. bharat2580

    true that, if you want reference sound that is...
  15. Fabi
    Damn, I thought the DX120 was just a DX200 without Wifi and BT as I am not interested in Wifi and BT.
    Actually, it will have a different DAC chip and amp section, a completely different DAP.
    Will have to wait releases of both to see if they got what it takes in SQ for personal taste, before considering picking one of the two.
    And then both will be excellent..[​IMG] [​IMG] 
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