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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. Signal2Noise
    Try turning the DX200 off then on again while it's cabled in. Then ensure the lock screen is displayed before swiping down from the top to get the option in the notification area. Remember, it'll say USB Charging and underneath in very small text "click here for more options" or something to that effect. Occasionally this happens to mine as well.
  2. jasonho
    I wonder if DX200 USB port can be used as digital output in order to connect to a external DAC/AMP?
  3. reginalb
    Howdy, I've not been on the site lately, and I can't find the thread search feature, so my apologies if this has been asked, but are there plans (or is it feasible) for there to be any Android updates? It took me a while to even find someone saying what version of Android this is on (6, which is better than basically all of the other Android DAP's). But I'd love to see 8.0 - LDAC being in the bluetooth stack is pretty awesome. The current Sony players are overpriced IMHO, and the ZX2 using too old an Android version - though it can be tracked down at fair prices in the used market.

    I understand that getting this on to a new version of Android might be a tall task for a small company, so I get it if it's never going to happen (and suspect that it won't) for this player, but never hurts to ask.
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  4. Dobrescu George
    I love returning to DX200.

    Just now, I am listening to DX200 + HiFiMAN RE800, and I love how it actually gives them an even better edge on detail and midrange, RE800 being a IEM with a lot of potential that needs to be unlocked to fully enjoy it.

    About iBasso DX200, I am using a few DAPs over my eccentric adventures, and DX200 is clearly one of the DAPs I really love.

    The sound is always sweet in the midrange, comes with a rain of details, yet being so musical and sweet. Especially listening to Machinae Supremacy, a band that employs tons of sweety rythm guitars, it all sounds like the dream of musicality listening from the DX200 + RE800 combo!
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  5. vovanopulo
    Hi guys. sorry for the question maybe already answered still I wasn't able to find it through search (though I tried).
    I have the latest fw with 2.5.141 build number.
    For me gapless mode works only with separated *.flac files but never works when I play single *.flac file mapped to tracks with *.cue index.
    I tried Android and Mango mode, tried to toggle 'gapless' switch - it doesn't give any difference, dx200 inserts 2-sec pauses at the end of each track.
    Example: Say I have 10 min 'album.flac' file and set Gapless mode to 'on'.
    * If I play this file like it is -> it works well (obviously no gaps)
    * If I create 'album.cue' file in the same directory and map 'album.flac' to 1-min tracks -> I hear 2-sec gaps between tracks though it is still a single 'album.flac' file!
    * If I cut 'album.flac' to 10 1-min pieces: 1.flac, 2.flac,...,10.flac -> there are no gaps between these tracks
    Is it possible to have Gapless on (multi-track) single file?
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  6. Dobrescu George
    Interesting question. I don't have cue - flac file pairs to test. Are you sure that the pause doesn't exist within the file / files themselves?
  7. vovanopulo
    Definitely yes. Just adding/removing 'album.cue' file beside unchanged 'album.flac' toggles 2-sec gaps. As most music I have being single-image rips mapped with cue indexes this issue annoys me a lot.
  8. Dobrescu George
    Oh, I see!

    I have no idea how to help!

    Maybe you could talk to iBasso and send the files as well, to see if here is anything that can be done :smile_phones:
  9. wirefriend
    Which of the DX200's amps are you describing above?
    Could you compare DX200 sound to Opus #2?
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  10. Whitigir
    Don’t know about George, but I like dx200 more than opus 2 :D, and swapable amp cards are icing on the cake
  11. Dobrescu George
    I was describing the AMP1 module, the one DX200 comes with by default because RE800 only has SE Jack and not Balanced :darthsmile:

    It is hard to compare DX200 to Opus #2, especially because they are both really good.

    Basically, opus #2 has a very organic and smooth midrange, and a little enhancement in the treble and the bass, while DX200 is more linear. The detail levels are similar, but presented differently, DX200 enhances muscaility and textures while Opus #2 leans more towards organic sound and a little leaner and smoother midrange. DX200 is electrifying and musical, while Opus is leaner, but also quite musical. Both are quite good.

    DX200 comes with interchangeable modules, and I only described AMP1 above, I am still getting my full thoughjts on AMP3.
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  12. Jetblack08
    I have purchased amp3 but I feel as if I am not getting the full effect because I still have not figured out how to update the firmware. It is the same firmware that first came with the DX200. I am convinced my unit is faulty.
  13. meomap
    What about amp2?
  14. Dobrescu George
    I do not have AMP2 at the moment :smile_phones:

    Will probably have it later, but not right at this moment :floatsmile:
  15. Bastianpp
    How is the paring => DX200 + LCD I4??
    I like the sound signature of LCD XC, but i know these headphone have a more treble than the lcd x or 4, so... lcd i4 sound much smooth or dark?

    I was have se846 and i don't have a treble like shure again... ( quantity )

    I like balanced (headphones/iem)
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