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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. jerick70
    I don't think it's been announced yet. If I remember it will be announced in the next week or so.
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  2. TenderTendon
  3. Lurker0
    In this mode, XMOS chip is connected to an internal USB connector of the SoC. When it happens, ALSA (Linux level audio driver) installs its driver, and XMOS chip becomes accessible via it, as a second sound card (3rd actually: the 2nd is S/PDIF output). This is how MangoPlayer uses it to play DSD - via ALSA.

    Neutron, with Generic drivers, uses Android path (modified by iBasso) for playback. My modified tinyalsa level redirects Android sound system to this second sound card. This path is longer: Android AudioTrack, Android media server, ALSA, kernel level driver.

    But when Neutron (or other apps) uses USB interface directly, the overall sound path is much shorter, no Android/ALSA stuff involved at all. Only kernel level USB driver is involved. This may lead to a slightly different sound signature, though the audio stream goes unaffected (bit perfect) in all the cases.
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  4. ExpatinJapan
    Then an adapter 2.5mm to 4.4mm mysteriously arrives in the mail on the same day...

  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    I was semi-shocked because at first glance, I thought this was a 6.3 mm socket, but then I saw the "AMP4" labelling.
  6. TheUbiquitous
    I wish for an amp like AMP3 (or 4) but with single ended line out, it could be AMP3.5 or whatever.
    What do you think?
  7. jerick70
    AMP1 is already like that. It just doesn't sound as good as AMP3. I'm with you on the SE out. I miss it all the time with my AMP3.
  8. Frankie Styles
    Has anyone had issues connecting their DX200 to their PC/MAC?

    When I connect I don't get the prompt on the DX200 to enable USB File Transfers (MTP). It remains on charging only and the device refuses to show up in the file manager.

    The only way I can seem to make this work at all is to enable Developer mode on the device and play around with USB debugging. And that is also quite intermittent.

    Is this a common issue among android devices or is it just mine?
  9. jasonho
    Same here too, using a macbook. same issue
  10. Womaz
    I will try this. This is the first time I have had to update my Tidal as I am a fairly new IBasso owner. I am presuming I have to delete my Tidal app and then install the new version? Hoping I dont lose any playlists or saved albums etc
    I am just using the IBasso software, none of the others or other players.
  11. Layman1
    At CanJam London this year we had a demo provisionally called AMP4. It was effectively something analogous to the AMP3, but single-ended (both headphone out and line out).
    Now iBasso are about to release a different AMP4, but I've heard it said that the demo unit from CanJam will be released as the AMP5; a high-voltage single-ended amp unit, probably with a line-out included.

    However, as can be noticed from reading back through the threads, whilst speculation is fun, we simply won't know anything for sure until it's basically ready to be released.
    And I think that's a good way to be! People (myself included), are excited for details and release dates, but this way lets iBasso focus on getting it right first time (like they did recently with the AMP3 for example) :)
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  12. mrmoto050
    AMP2 is SE out only with Line out 3.5
  13. mrmoto050
    When you plug it into USB port drop down top menu on device (DX200) it will then give you options. File Trasfer, Charge Only, OTG .. etc.
  14. Frankie Styles
    Thats what it should do. It doesn't prompt me with the list of options. It just says 'Charging'. When you pull the top drop down menu no options are there.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    try a different usb cable . Worked for me.
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