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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. Lurker0
    You'd better turn 64-bit processing on from the main settings screen. Then Neutron will output 32 bits always. DX200 has 64-bit CPU which handles 64-bit processing with easy.

    The new setting reflects a recent change which allows Neutron to take advantage of DACs in some modern smartphones.
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  2. Likeimthere
    Took the jump and ordered AMP3 with EFFECT AUDIO Ares II for my A18... excited to see how the sound signature changes from my AMP 1 silver cable combination. Hopefully for the better.
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  3. KEV G
    Also made the order for amp 3, can’t wait to see how the Andromeda sounds with it. Tracking says it left Shenzhen 12 hours ago, should have it by Thursday and the the fun starts :smile_phones:
  4. musicday
    Very quick shipping to London, impressive.How you don't have to pay taxes,but knowing how DHL works definitely you will be paying something.
  5. KEV G
    £3.24 tax, actually made the order last Thursday and paid the extra for faster shipping. One week, still pretty quick, watching the tracking makes it feel longer though :L3000:
  6. Likeimthere
    lol I've learned to never look at tracking. It's self inflicted torture... the days don't seem to go by fast enough...
  7. KEV G
    Can’t resist, ordered a DX80 shortly after they were released. Tracked it from AMP3 Players in Scotland,all the way to a distribution centre about a mile from my house and then it mysteriously disappeared!!!! Absolutely gutted, AMP3 Players were great, had another one sent out in no time. Happy days
  8. Likeimthere
    Oh wow.... :astonished:
  9. cbeaumont001
    Thanks for the advice @Lurker0, it's great that the 64 bit processing can now be used while keeping bit perfect playback.

    For all those that have provided great info so far in this thread, let me try to give back a little. Below are my Neutron settings (version 1.97.1-arm64) which I have confirmed output bit perfect on firmware 2.5.141L1 passing all three of Lurker0's tests:

    Main menu:
    DSP effect off
    Equalizer off
    Fader off
    Playback mode loop track list
    Replay gain off
    64 bit processing on
    Resampling high quality but not enabled
    Automatic gain protection off
    Service on

    Audio hardware:
    All off except:
    Hardware gain on
    Audio focus on
    CPU wakelock on
    Generic driver on with hi res speaker on
    DSD over PCM on
    Follow source frequency on
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  10. jerick70
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  11. ctaxxxx
  12. jerick70
  13. simoneratti
    I usually prefer sticking to official software, does anyone know if there is the chance that iBasso supports the google store in its standard Android implementation in the future?
  14. KEV G
    My Amp 3 order just landed In Germany :ksc75smile:
    Hopefully it’ll jump on the next flight to the UK and I’ll have it tomorrow on schedule :L3000:
    Wonder if there are any guides on how to not pay too much attention to the online step by step tracking info. Think I need one of @JaeYoon s magic flower pots !!
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  15. JaeYoon
    Enjoy it!!! :D let me know what you think
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