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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. blazinblazin
    SONY i would say still ok. At least they show you where your money goes to. Materials, OFC copper case, quality capacitors and resistors.
    Very highly finished product hardware software wise.
  2. Pekka2016
    Has anybody had problems with the touchscreen lately? I had some in the beginning (my DX200 is from 02-2017) but after the updates it was gone. But now since about a month I think I have to return it to the Dutch Ibasso dealer I bought it from. Mostly in the upper right part of the screen I get the false touches again.
    And also sometimes the touchscreen doesn't seem to react to the touch completely.

    I cleaned the screen very good, but no good. I even tried downgrading the firmware but no good. Too bad as I really enjoy using the player, and I'm afraid that I might be without my DX200 for sometime when it has to be repaired/replaced. And I hope the dutch dealer knows of the problem, because sometimes it's just working fine, and with my luck it will be working fine when I sent it in :frowning2:
  3. artpiggo
    Yes that was same issue when I buy first batch. Right top part malfunction.

    Go get it claimed.
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  4. twister6 Contributor
    Exactly, it's a known problem iBasso acknowledged which affected the first production batch. Cleaning can help temporarily, for some reason it helped in my case, but eventually you just need to replace it under warranty.
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  5. twister6 Contributor
    And the same goes for iBasso and DX200 :wink:
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  6. Paul - iBasso
    You can contact me at paul@ibasso.com and we can get this fixed for you with a screen replacement.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  7. Reima
    Pulled the trigger on a DX200 today. I was struggling to decide between the DX200 and the Fiio X7 Mark ii, the availability of the 400 GB micro SD card helped me to decide on the DX200.
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  8. dsrk
    Nice choice..congratulations, you can't go wrong with both!!!
  9. Womaz
    OK this music hobby can really take all my normal good financial sense away from me .:grin:
    Thanks for all of the previous posts on here. I am now just considering taking the plunge and ordering the DX200, despite not really needing the feature I am wanting it for till June next year. I have the AK300 which has totally changed my music listening habits. After trying out streaming services in the past I am now doing 95% of my listening through Tidal, even on my home Hifi set up too.
    So now I NEED a DAP that does Tidal offline, The AK300 will be sold.
    I am at present reading through this thread and I am at page 350 :astonished: so a fair way to go, but god it just makes me want to take the plunge now.
    A few little questions I have though as still a few things unclear.
    1 There is talk of a google play app in a firmware update i seem to recall. This I presume has not been done yet? So is it still a case of all the loading of apk files etc. The DAP I think will be used exclusively with Tidal and I may not even download any of my music on to it.
    2 Does Tidal playback have the same quality as the normal DAP playback? There are a few threads on here which confuse me slightly.
    3 I have the CA Lyra 2 , will these be a good match for the IBasso?
    4 Would it be worth me getting the Balanced cable from Campfire to use this output ? If so are there other cable makers here in UK who coukd do a better job ?
    5 The AK 300 is 7 months old and in good condition, but it has been used quite a lot. I will use this forum to sell it I think , how much will I lose on this deal, just a guide would be useful
    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

    Also it looks like that here in the UK it is only Amazon and AMP3 who stock it so not much chance of getting a deal here.

    So here I am 7 months after spending for me what is a lot of money on my endgame:laughing: portable set up........well I am looking again.
  10. musicday
    Judging by what you have in your signature this is just a walk in the park:)
    You won't go wrong buying the DX200 and accessories.
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  11. artpiggo
    1. Official FW has no pre-google play installed. But you can find a custom FW by Lurker0 or WindowsX which comes along with google play installed. Just need to learn how to flash using BatchTool

    2. It is bit perfect for Tidal Lossless quality. stay assured. Just note that it doesn't support hardware-decoded MQA format. (LG V30 though supports it :kissing_heart:)

    3. No comment. Never tried this combo

    4. Sure it worth using balanced cable to enjoy balanced output

    5. In my country, they sell second hand AK300 around half price now. Not sure on international price though.
  12. Womaz
    Thanks for the reply. The MQA does not really bother me to be honest . The half price for the AK300 really DOES though. Thats a big hit :angry:
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  13. Tim Le
    One of the biggest reasons I went for the DX200 is because iBasso is continually working to release new amp modules for it. I just don't see myself ever selling my DX200 when new amps are always in the works :)
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  14. wirefriend
    Could you describe the difference of sound between DX200+Amp1 and AR M2 ?
  15. mrmoto050
    Would never buy a phone without HP Jack. jm2c.
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