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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    I like the sound of High Gain more - feels more powerful to my ears. Kindly keep in mind that my music is often metal, so that plays a role in the my thirst for power and impact. I am extremely sensitive to small vibrations and noise, so if there was any kind of noise added, I wouldn't use HG, but so far it sounds as clean as a summer day with nice weather.

    I have no idea what that is. I haven't been in this thread for very long, so I actually don't know, but anything that is related to the display wouldn't be fix-able through a complete firmware reflash?

    Thank you, I wasn't extremely sure where the gain is applied from, and how much of the circuit is the same, or rather, if there is another component that adds the gain, or it is a digital gain controller. The internals of the AMP modules are beautiful actually, I took the libery of opening up AMP 3 to see the beauty that lies within, the capacitors look very high quality! :darthsmile:
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  2. twister6 Contributor
    Just think about any other usb gear you attach to your computer/laptop through USB port. Some will be recognized automatically by your windows (mouse, keyboard, etc), others might need specific windows drivers (like some printers or scanners, etc). When you use DX200 as USB DAC/amp, it becomes your external sound card. Instead of sending audio through internal built-in audio chip or internal dedicated audio card where you attach your headphones to 3.5mm headphone jack to your computer/laptop, now your DX200 becomes an external audio card. You attach it to your computer's usb port using the charging/data cable which comes with DX200, and instead of connecting your headphones to your computer/laptop - now you connect it to headphone output of your DX200. But, windows will not recognize DX200 as is, so, it will need special drivers installed in order to be recognized. iBasso website has these drivers available at http://ibasso.com/down.php under DX200 USB DAC drivers. Once you install them and connect your DX200 with included usb/usb-c cable, and select DAC mode within DAP (one of the options in Mango, when you swipe from the main playback screen) - you will be able to use your DX200 as an external usb audio card with your computer/laptop programs (playing music from YT, streaming, playing audio files stored on your hard drive, etc). To double check everything is working, you can go into Control panel of your Windows, and check under Sound to make sure dX200 is recognized and visible.
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  3. gstepic
    Again thanks! That is how I thought it all worked. I normally buy the music I like and then load it into DX200, but using as DAC adds another dimension as I can stream and download rented music files on my laptop and now used my headphones with the balanced cables (I have amp3).
  4. Dobrescu George
    Don't forget games!

    Adding DX200 to my gaming chain is pretty sweet! Helps me spot new details in the soundtracks of the games I love :darthsmile:
  5. rodel808
    Is it possible to control the dx200 using our cellphones or a Bluetooth controller?
    ie. Skip tracks and volume control.
  6. Dobrescu George
    I think yes, if you want to fiddle with apps. I mean, I am pretty sure it is possible, not absolutely sure what app can do that right now :smile_phones:
  7. headwhacker
    If you use Hiby Music Player, I think they have an app/plug-in call HibyLink to control music playback from your android smartphone
  8. rodel808
    Yes. I have both the Shanling M1 and M2s and I absolutely love the Hiby Link feature.
  9. twister6 Contributor
    HibyLink only works with DAPs that have Hiby fw, such as Cayin N3/N5ii and Shanling M2s/M3s. But there are many Bluetooth "remote" controllers that pair up with your phone or Android dap, and can wirelessly control the playback and volume. Similar to Fiio's RM1 which works with X7, I'm pretty sure the same or similar Bluetooth remote will work with DX200, once paired up. I just have no idea where my RM1 is, otherwise I would have tried it to verify it.
  10. rodel808
    Are there any apps on Android that makes your device (phone) function as one of those Bluetooth remotes?
  11. twister6 Contributor
    you might have to search and experiment. I remember playing with some, back in the days when I used to test android smartwatches. There are some where you can link 2 android devices as master/slave where one can control the other.
  12. arftech
    Will the DX-200 stream Tidal efficiently and can I connect this DAP to my Sony PMA-3?

  13. seamon
    I got to AB DX200 vs AK320 with an Andromeda and A12. The disparity in performance between the two is so huge that its not even funny. How does AK get away with charging so much for this crap?
    Pricing purely by SQ, AK320 should priced at $500 retail.
  14. Lurker0
    Any Bluetooth remote controller with play/pause/Vol etc. buttons work. Even Fiio RM1 :) They are just HID profile devices, recognized by Android.

    "Phone to Tablet Remote" app works well. It has a good support for Neutron, and I know a guy who uses DX200 exclusively with Neutron and PtTR from his Android smartphone. I've tried it from my tablet and well. Bearing in mind that Neutron can play up to 24/192 bit perfect even with stock firmware, it's a great combo!
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  15. Lurker0
    PtTR is a media player control software, but I also tried RemoDroid, and it worked too, though it is better to lock DX200 in portrait orientation. With RemoDroid, you see the screen of DX200 on your phone and do whatever you want with any app.
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