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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. bluesnote
    If you don't mind spending a bit, a ordered high quality shielded USB from Wurth Electronics.
    I am a bit skeptic about the USB quality always as charging and transfers become faster (durable overtime too).
    I invested since I am gonna use it a lot in the future with other devices too.
    below is the link:
  2. toontoonizer
    I see that you have put the 1k spectrum to +7 - as far as I know (and i am no expert), human ears are most sensitive between the 1-4k range and this is also where alot of harsh treble can reside. You would be surprised but above frequencies above 10k are not really wholly audible - because they would be quite painful at music listening levels.
    Maybe try playing around between that frequency?
  3. kel77
    Received the tempered glass screens today. Dimensions are pretty good and does not leave fingerprints easily.
    Will see how it goes for the next few weeks for the ghost swipe problem.


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  4. artpiggo

    I know this is no need to be obsessed with.... But I just noticed that stock cover image in mango OS is the Beatles' 1967 - 1970 side B :)
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  5. bluesnote
    Okay if there a stock artwork photo (beatles) then the blank photo display (red with vinyl or cd icon) is a bug of non artwork display.
  6. JacuzziJoe
    Anybody using the DX200 with the Meze 99 Classic?
    Please share opinions on the gain Option with this Setup :)

    I am not sure what to use...
  7. ropie
    I sure hope changing the screen protector helps stopping the phantom swipes
    I am getting really pissed of with my unit. It happens way too often
    I's hard for me to to understand that this can occur with a 900 euro DAP
    Combining a touchscreen to Android software is not really something new is it?
    @Ibasso Paul:
    Do you at Ibasso know if this issue is hardware or software related?
    People are spending time and money on fixes that might not solve the problem
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  8. mrhizzo

    I am in the same situation. I can't understand what's happening. I tried one Fiio X5 III in one store and I was amazed how fast it works, and without problems, with half ram memory of the DX200.
  9. MunDa
    I guess I'll wait for dx200 II. Seems to have too many issues which is really sad for a device costing that much.
  10. Pekka2016

    With these in-ears the hurting starts around 3.3k, and at 6.3k. That's why I have 6.3k down the most. But everything past 3.3k I have to tune down to take the edge of.

    I used this graph as a rough guideline (from a review here on head-fi).
  11. Pekka2016

    I think every device will have it's issues, the most important fact is how the company is handling it. 
    And as with most forums, most of the times people will join or discuss when they have an issue.
    Up until now I haven't got any off the problems, just sometimes a popping sound, like a spec of dus on a record player, when playing hi-res flacs.
    Problem with devices like this is in my opinion that most companies don't have the resources and time to do all the testing and bug fixing in house before releasing them to the public.
    It's not like a smartphone from one of the big companies and even they have their bugs and problems. 
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  12. javahut
    First full day of listening at work (computer job, sys admin). Didn't listen to it ALL day, but maybe almost 4 hours out of a 8.5 hour day. Used up around 50% of the battery.
    I was definitely a little skeptical about what the DX200 would sound like compared to what I've been using for years... Note2 to RSA Predator DAC/amp. But gotta say... this thing sounds awesome! No disappointment at all with the sound quality. Using single-ended out through Silver Dragon 2 to Westone W80. Even for a semi-bass head like myself, who really likes a warm sound signature, this has plenty of that, and so much more. The high end and instrument separation is killer... but still very smooth without being harsh at all. And, like some others said, if you're listening to tracks that have bass and sub in the mix, you will hear it.
    I can kinda understand how it's sometimes being described as analytical sounding rather than fun. But for me... it's definitely a fun, detailed sound signature with the W80.
    I'm only using the Mango OS player, as that's all I really wanted this for... a portable killer "reference" DAP... and it is. And I plan to burn it in the old fashioned way, as it sounds great out of the box to me. There's only a few little niggles with the player, like a little slow on the swipe. And it could definitely use some sorting options based on tags. But it's nothing that gets in the way of enjoying that great sound! Really looking forward to the firmware updated to allow using 3rd part Android music apps at native resolution. But I'm more than happy with the Mango OS player now.
    Firmware version I seem to have is 1.6.2... and it's not listed as a download on the iBasso site. So I'm a little hesitant to upgrade it right now, as the player is working great as it is.
    So, I thought the sound signature "low end" and "impact" might be an issue compared to what I was using. But it's not at all. VERY happy with this as a portable DAP. I would just about say that the DAC and associated analog circuitry alone is worth the price of the DX200 (and I'm using a Benchmark DAC2 DX at home). That you get a portable DAP, and late version of Android on top of it really makes this an outstanding value. So far, I lover it! [​IMG] 
    And looking forward to seeing how much it gets tweaked to be even better as new firmware updates are released.
  13. headwhacker

    Have you compared DX200 with your DAC2 DX? I have the DAC2 HGC but still on repairs. Can't wait to compare both as DAC2 to me is my reference DAC.
  14. javahut
    I have not compared it directly to the DAC2. I don't often use the W80 with the DAC2. If I get a chance, I'll try to do a decent comparison and post back.
  15. pfurey89
    So. Anyone willing to help me figure out a way to get Spotify (or system wide EQ) EQ to work? Is it just not an option? 
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