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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. Pekka2016
    Hello All,
    I just bought myself a like new set of RHA CL1's for a nice price to use with my DX200. Without the RHA amp.
    Has anybody here any experience with this combo?
    I read in all the review that the CL1's have piercing treble, and that is indeed the the case. 
    Really like the CL1's fit and quality, and also the sound, but I really need to use EQ to get the treble down.
    And I do like a lot of treble, but this is really to much. It sometimes is hurting my ears. But it also really depends on the quality of the recording and the kind of music. 
    I was wondering if anybody had any experience with them, and what settings you are using.
    My settings are:
    High gain, volume around 100-110
    Digital filter: Slow Roll off, linear Phase filter
    Eq, custom: 33 +4, 63 +4, 100 +4, 330 +4, 630 +5, 1K +7, 3.3K -1,  6.3K -4 10K -8, 16K -5
    I know it's really personal, but really curious about somebody else's settings for this in-ear.
    My UE900S I use without EQ, but with EQ the CL1's sound better. I can not explain in all the technical terms I see flying around. But somehow the CL1's sound more like my Hifiman open over ear headphone.
  2. bluesnote
    dont't be too naive. of course not exactly like that, it's quite similar to that.
    the aim is the fucntionality to put the dx200's weight on the belt for secure and weightless carriage.
    something like this below, i would expect with your understanding you would react to the mickey logo.
  3. KK-android
    Hey Guys!!

    Miter's Leater case here.


  4. artpiggo
    Look really nice and can act as a stand. I wish its back screens ibasso logo (i know it's copyright).
  5. vladzakhar
    Not sure if I like that double back piece. Will wait for Dignis case.
  6. artpiggo

    Change to low gain. It will make sound more balanced. High gain seems to be unnecessary for iem. It creates a little noise floor also in this case.
  7. Pekka2016
    Normally I would say yes, but the CL1 needs it. RHA recommends use with an amplifier only.
    See specs below.
    Dual transducer dynamic IEM with ceramic plate driver
    Driver Type
    Dynamic + ultra wide band ceramic (CL) driver
    Frequency Range
    16Hz – 45 kHz
    150 ohms
    89 dB

  8. Mimouille
    That oughta keep all the girls away.
    Womaz likes this.
  9. artpiggo

    That's huge. So it is necessary to use high gain. Did you use single end or balanced?
  10. Pekka2016

    Single end. It has a balanced cable but with a mini XLR connector. So I need to make some sort of adaptor cable from 4 pin 2.5mm Jack to mini XLR.
  11. Pekka2016
  12. artpiggo

    Try with some kind of 2.5 balanced cable - effect eros might be good option to tame treble as well.
  13. jamato8 Contributor

  14. Pekka2016

    Thanks for the tip, but...
    This is not as simple. RHA has used a special connector on the earphones. According to reviews I read it's a sMMCX connector. 
    That's a MMCX connector with a piece sticking out so the connector can only placed in 1 position (it can not turn around like normal connectors).
  15. bigsix
    I think this is more of what was envisioned for a carrying case:
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