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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. stenog

    From 100% to 75% almost 2 hours of music, just tested. I don't know if this help. Make 2-3 full charges on the battery, I always do that with new smartphones, laptops etc.
  2. chaiyuta
    I bought it since first month of its release date. Charges more than 40 times. In first hour with 100%, it drains 16% and later is around 13-14% . 
  3. JacuzziJoe

    Thats what i always do too!! 3-5 full charges & discharges.
    May be the placebo effect but for me it works!
  4. Tony1110

    Just out of curiosity, at what volume were you listening at with the solars?
  5. stenog

    Lower of course :). I think it was 50-60/150, low gain. All this is in SE, the DX200 is pretty powerful.
  6. rr12267
    Really benefited when Ni-MH batteries were used. Not really necessary with Li-Po's. But old habits are sometimes hard to break. I do the same. :)

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  7. Tony1110

    Oops. I've been listening at 95. Sounds so good though.
  8. stenog

    That's Loud! 95 with my Z1R is loud in high gain. But Tidal is by default louder than average and louder than Spotify. But agree the Solar sound wonderful loud but not healthy for my ears :).
  9. Paul - iBasso
    We will not downsample music. We are working on fixes to all issues.
    I do not have a date at this time but it is being worked on 6 days a week.
    At this time I don't have a list of the features. As normal with our releases they will be listed.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  10. JacuzziJoe
    Thanks for the Update Paul!!
  11. Dizzle77
    @Paul - iBasso
    How do you take a screen capture using hardware keys?
  12. LCMusicLover
    Back in stock at B&H, still at $949
  13. all999
    My DX is dead. I was listening to my Stax set, feeding it with DX200 through line out. When I realised there is 3% of battery i plugged a charger. After couple minutes DX turned off and I can't get it charging from then. Two different cables and two chargers from Galaxy S7. My PC usb does not work either. DX was warm/hot every time connected to a charger before. Now it's cold, nothing happens at all.
  14. jamato8 Contributor

    You mention that you have tried two different cables, so I guess that isn't the problem. I have a USB cable that wasn't working and I very slightly crimped it with some pliers and it was fine. You tried it with two different chargers and your PC? 
  15. all999
    To be specific, three different chargers, two PC's and two different cables, stock included. I have no idea what should I do now.
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