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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. artpiggo

    Did you try flashing with batch tool img.
  2. Mimouille
    Nope, will try tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. Paul - iBasso
    If it is freezing you can use the Batch Tool on the first page with the .img file there. Then do an update using the .zip file that is extracted from the downloaded zip file. I am not sure why it is freezing. We did not experience that while testing many units but anything is possible. I am sorry for the extra time needed.
    We should have some available later this month on our web page.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  4. Paul - iBasso

    We have not had this issue before. If you are near the retailer can you try a different DX200? You can email me at paul@ibasso.com
    Please remove the amp section and replace it. See if this helps.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  5. seamon
    When will new AMP modules be announced?
  6. Pekka2016
    An observation regarding the touchscreen:
    I noticed after cleaning the screen and putting some car wax (Collinite - Super DoubleCoat Wax No. 476S) on the screen protector the screen behaves perfectly.
    ​I often put car wax on my touchscreens to keep them clean easier. Also protect them from scratches as dirt doesn't affect the screen as much as normally.
    Just a tip. Cannot guarantee that it works for everybody, but for me it works perfect.
    jamato8 likes this.
  7. odevans
    I keep getting, "The folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device... Mae sure that it is designed for a x64 based system"
    I'm using win10 x64, so I've gone for the win8x64 driver, which should work, right?
    Likelihood that I'm being a tool - 99%.
    EDIT: Likelihood confirmed.
  8. jamato8 Contributor

    What is this for? An update you are doing? 
  9. csglinux
    I need to post a grovelling apology to Paul, iBasso and the DX200. It seems my Android file transfer issue was due to the SDcard. I swapped it out on my replacement player and all is well now. The amp does sound good; I'm impressed at the low noise floor with my SE846. And I don't even have any spurious screen inputs :)
    @Paul - iBasso - it would be awesome if we could one day get an onscreen volume control in the Mango music player app. Any chance of this?
  10. pfurey89
    Does eq not exist w/ dx200 and Spotify?
  11. JacquesDewitt
    Hello, many thanks to the users by their suggestions.

    I've tried with other sound more acoustic songs and hiss is notorious.

    Let burning headphones for 24 hrs. but not notice much difference, I'm going to continue in this process.

    the sound is through low gain, both with the cable of manufactures and cb12, the problem persists. It is quite complicated to get another cable to test, most of the equipment is imported.

    But I have tried in my chord mojo with cable of manufactures and also hear hiss

    My other headphones dt1990 not present nothing, but have very high impedance.

    What I notice is that the whistle on android is a bit stronger.

    Anyway, send an email to Paul for support
  12. bluesnote
    Greetings Head-Fi!
    This is my first post after lurking for sometime.
    I am a musician+geek (music interface with similar DAC chips for DAP) and kinda' new to Head Fi World.
    This is my first DAP, DX200 and I am very happy with it.
    (my recent use was Android to OTG Fiio K1)
    I'm here to meet music enthusiasts and at the same time add findings for DX200 improvement.
    Please confirm if you experience the following in the current build 2.0.78
    a.) 1 second silent before the songs starts on Mango (both Androind and Mango OS)
    - this results in missing the first second and the last second of the song.
    -1 song to next song will have a gap of silence in it cutting 1 second outro and 1 second intro
    b.) lockscreen displays Mango while using Spotify, (Mango is off)
    c.) Spotify does not open after the recent 2.07.78 upgrade, resulting to reinstalling Spotify.
    * Please confirm if you encounter too and let's put to bug thread.
    Suggestions to Paul from Ibasso:
    a.) Battery display while in locksreen will help a lot for quick viewing
    b.) Double tap function to disable display and to enable (like in LG Android Phones)
    c.) Faster navigation of Mango OS
    d.) Title of Song in Mango OS to be displayed without additional tapping will be cool too.
    I must say 2.0.78 is abig improvement from the first OS.
    Btw, my current item is a replacement for the first unit that experiences "ghost swiping", and fine.
    Once again, greetings to you all!
    Looking forward to attend this CanJam 2017 in Singapore since I am here.
  13. kevindiu

    OK, I will try a different unit and email you when other unit do not have such issue. thanks.
  14. bluesnote
    Download Spotify APK from Spotify itself.
    Choose Android.
    APK will be saved to your DX200.
    Open then install.
    Log in. 
    Do note that if you are premiu you can choose where to save your songs, internal or SD Card.
  15. Danivi
    Just a question ...is there the possibility to use tidal in offline mode ?
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