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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. KK-android

    i installed rom and tried to install google apps, but cant avtivate anytihing.

    i installed google play service, google play store, and google account manager.
    no one cant activated well.

    something wrong.
  2. kel77

    Tempered glass protectors are available on taobao.com but as usual they are 1-2mm smaller on the 4 sides.
  3. koluludome

    Beside of that, anything about sound change ?
  4. bigsix

    I just noticed your post, too. I had the same problem with my DX200, only worse. The UI seemed to have a mind of its own, both in Android and Mango. At times it was unusable. It was very irritating. It seemed to me like it might be a hardware issue involving the touchscreen capacitors, but it's hard to say.
    I've returned it to the vendor, who pledged to ship out a replacement. Hopefully, soon. :)
    Did both of you guys who had UI issues buy your DX200 from Amazon U.S?
  5. chungjun
    Possible to share the link on taobao please? Thanks and appreciate it! Sucker for tempered glass too...
    EDIT: Found one... looks interesting...
  6. ropie
    Have you updated the firmware?
    My unit had strange behaviour out of the box. After uodating to 1.3.60 no more problems
    Just sweet music
  7. bigsix

    Believe me, I would not say that I thought it was a hardware issue unless I had tried every software-related option, including updating the firmware, resetting the unit a bunch of times, and even doing a factory reset.
    I'm wondering if all of the units with this problem were purchased on Amazon U.S. Has anyone who bought their DX200 on Amazon U.S. not experienced issues after using it for more than two weeks or so? My problems popped up after I had used it for 12 days.
    I agree that the sound is incredible, but the UI issues rendered it unusable sometimes, and irritating most times. I just want to get one that works properly!
  8. jamespitt

    Mine came from AMP3 in the UK.. Waiting to have it replaced at the end of this week once more stock arrives. It was also unable to format my sandisk card, which I ended up doing on my smartphone instead. I originally arranged the return because the amp module didn't sit flush to the unit, but these other issues have come out of the woodwork since. As I said on a previous post, it's somewhat frustrating to have such faults on a unit that costs this much. It makes my Samsung s7 edge feel so responsive and polished in comparison. It does sound nice though - I have just sold my Chord Mojo and replaced with this, so I'm hoping after burn in that it will achieve the same, if not better levels of sound quality.
  9. antz123
    for the tempered glass, could someone share screen dimensions?
    i know its 4.2" however length vs breadth might help to slot in may be someone phone's glass
  10. Barolo
    Can you tell me what difference you found against the qp1r
  11. all999
    I ordered mine to size.
  12. Dizzle77

    Please could you send me the link to where you ordered from? thanks
  13. all999
    Sure, but it's located here in Poland. I'm pretty sure you're going to find some in Your area. These are costom sized.
  14. chiyui889
    what do you guys think,compare DX200 to WM1A?
  15. Whitigir

    Not sure about sound quality and performances, but for instance...practicality ?

    1/ Wm1a has no wireless or internet capability beside Bluetooth and NFC for pure music only, the dx200 has wireless connections available

    2/ Wm1a has no removable or upgradable amp modules while dx200 has the ability to upgrade their amp modules :D

    3/ Wm1A has 4.4mm balanced with enough power to drive headphones 240mW per channel. That is neither too powerful nor weak, but DX200 can be said to be more powerful, sound quality aside, the WM1A can last for 15 hours on balanced connection approximately while DX200 may be 4-6 hours ? However, as android device, the DX200 can be charged up much faster
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