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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. twister6 Contributor

    No other 3rd party apps are loaded, right? And you did factory reset after fw update? Indeed, very bizarre behavior.
  2. Gerryhatrick

    Have the same issue with my dx100! (Yes I know the underlying causes are different but watching your video was real spooky:flushed:)
  3. jamato8 Contributor

    I am even preferring the DX200 over the Hugo and the Mojo now but no way in the beginning so I think you need to hear a DX200 that has some hours on it. 
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  4. esm87

    cheers for the feedback guys, may need to sell my mojo and v moda cfw among other things to pick up a dx200
  5. twister6 Contributor
    Another quick update. 
    Been playing with a few apps.  Installation is as easy as 1-2-3.  Either google for the name of the app + "apk" or use steps suggested here.  Once you download apk files, copy them to uSD card (not the internal memory cause fw update will delete it).  Also, in Settings under Security make sure you have Unknown Sources checked to enable installation of 3rd party apps.  Go to Explorer, navigate to your uSD folder with apk files, and click to Install it.  Furthermore, keep in mind, once you do Factory Reset, apps will be deleted, so you will have to go back and re-install them again from uSD.  But as long as you keep it on the card, all the files should be there.
    OK, so installed a few apps for testing (Hiby, YT, Unblock Me, MX Player, Netflix, Klondike/Solitaire, Spotify):
    Right off the bat, YT doesn't work because it requires Google Service to be installed.  Netflix had issues where some shows did play (I hear audio, but not the video) and some had both audio/video with a choppy audio.  MX Player works great - high res video and audio in a perfect sync.  I think audio/video app functionality is part of the driver compatibility, and I believe MX Player uses its own drivers to bypass the system.  I know, people would get DX200 for audio, not watching movies, but this DAP got a beautiful high res screen with deep rich colors, on par with my Note 4 smartphone, excellent viewing angle too.  Just a shame not to take advantage of this large screen and to be able to play a few movies.  So, you can now with MX Player.  Hopefully other driver compatibility will be fixed.  I know FiiO had/have the same issues.
    Games, Klondike/Solitaire and Unblock Me works perfectly.  Fast, responsive, solid performance, never crashed on me.  Keep in mind, DX200 got 2GB of DDR3 RAM, so no issues running apps.
    Hiby Music player - works perfectly, but the sound quality is downsampled to my ears.  It's clear, but sound is a bit flat.  Switching to Mango app - and you are back in business with a dynamic expanded crystal clear wide sound.  In Hiby under Advanced setting and SRC mode, when enabled only shows 44.1k sampling rate, everything else is not supported for now.  I believe this has been mentioned by iBasso, they will/should implement support in the near future.
    Now, saved the best for last, Spotify - works, sounds, and looks perfectly!  I don't have subscription to any streaming services, can't test Tidal and can't test Spotify off-line download, but in a free user mode and shuffle play - there are no issues.  I walked around the house while listening, wifi connection is solid, audio is clear and dynamic (to my ears sounds better than Hiby playback).
  6. artpiggo
    There is a way to install neutron even there is no playstore.
    1. Go to http://neutronmp.com/buy
    2. Follow 

    Android: Directly from the developer.

    This purchase does not provide registration in the Google Play store. It is direct purchase from the developer. The application package (APK) must be downloaded, installed and updated manually from the web site. The application package (APK) is always available for a download from the Download section of this web site. The e-mail account which is used for the purchase must be valid and registered in the Accounts section of the settings of Android device as IMAP/POP3 e-mail account. The license terms: unlimited downloads, installations and updates for the lifetime of the e-mail account.

    3. Install Neutron_Neon apk and go buy via paypro and in the e-mail information, you can use every mail server but not gmail


    4. Then install gmail apk. In gmail app, you login with the email account (same as you fill in when purchasing)

    5. And that's it. once the app detects email, in its setting it will not have "Buy now" anymore.

    You can control filter from Mango app. There is popping sound everytime you change from one to another. This indicate that it has been changed. If it is default at 4, changing filter might not have any popping sound.
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  7. twister6 Contributor
    Don't hear popping sound when changing filters, do you hear it during playback?  The only pop/click is in between changing files with different sample rates, known issue which iBasso should fix in the next update.  What I meant, in Mango app you have access to change filters.  Outside of Mango app, I was just curious which filter will be enabled by default, assuming #4.  But either way, if feasible I think iBasso needs to move Filter selection to a global Setting, instead of individual app setting.
  8. artpiggo
    I hear it when I click the button. And what I try to tell is Filter selection in Mango app also affects other app like neutron.
  9. headwhacker
    I already did with my Mojo, though I'm keeping the Hugo for a while.
  10. ahossam

    I can confirm that both spotify and tidal works perfectly with DX200, and you can store the downloaded music from spotify or tidal to sd card, no issues so far except with tidal when downloading sometimes you will get crash error report launcher has stop, but it happened to me only three times and I think maybe it has something to do when you have bad wifi connection.
  11. DevilofLife
    Did more testing the launcher 3 error will also occur when I pause the song for a period of time maybe more than 10 minute from Tidal and Moov with the screen turn off.
  12. cn11
    Yes, definitely can confirm Mango within Android is much snappier and not an issue. Hopefully a future firmware update will help the pure music mode Mango. 
  13. icefalkon
    I prefer the pure Mango over the Android Mango app. It's responsiveness is great. I also love that it scanned m 200gb uSD card.
  14. chaiyuta
    By MX Player, I already watched Zhu Xian Zhi Qing Yun Zhi (Chinese fantasy Drama) few episodes, that was my first time watching movies via 2.5mm balanced stereo. And WOW so much win. [​IMG]
  15. monkkx
    no other apps loaded after factory reset. The issue is the same either I use android or pure mango.
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