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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. jmills8
    OMG Jones ?
  2. aLcHieZ
    Here's come a stupid question....how to enable SRC? LOL
  3. headwhacker
    It never is stupid to ask question for something you don't know. I don't exactly know if there is one in Poweramp. Usually, with other apps like Hiby and Netron, SRC is an option you can see from the app's settings.
  4. headwhacker
    I agree, the packaging is very premium-like. Remembering the good old days with DX50, DX90 and DX100/R10, iBasso has surpassed themselves with DX200. Just seeing the R10 besides DX200, it's hard to believe they are made by the same company.
    Also DX200, has come a long way in terms of software. DX50, DX90 and DX100 was a nightmare in the beginning.
  5. odevans
    Couple of issues. Using newest firmware, of course:

    - When booted into mango, I'm encountered by the slowest experience of my life. Very slow to respond when swiping form panel to panel, to the extent that it is unusable.
    - Each time I boot back into the normal OS, I have to rescan my SD card.

    Saying that, I'm hearing textures within sounds that I've never heard before, on tracks that I know inside and out. In this instance, Hanz Zimmer's 'The Dark Knight Rises'. I'm hearing things that I didn't hear on my LCDX using a Firestone ILTW DAC, but now through my Sony MDR 1000x - I'm in for a hell of a treat when my LCDX comes back.

    Software issues aside, its looking bloody good so far and I'm only 25 hours in.
  6. the wizard of oz
    Sounds good, keep the news coming!
    With the DX100, the sound really got great after 400 hours of use and using FW1.2.7.
    Good to hear the OS is slicker. I'll wait for very positive reviews made after >200 hours of listening time and release of an amp module with ø6.5mm HO to contemplate upgrading from my DX100.
    The USB DAC feature is very appealing to me, that's what I miss most with the DX100.
  7. soundblast75
    Is this on Android or Mango,i haven't had that yet, but on Android, tracks are read in a sporadic way, like track 2 is actually track3 etc, it seems to be ok on Mango
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Yes, its very responsive for me in terms of navigation, I'm using a 32gb card and browsing by folder view only.
    No bugs encountered yet, I'll keep steaming along tonight. 
  9. davidmolliere
    Funny, the firmware update fixed the physical button not working in 3rd party but prev/next are reversed in 3rd party apps compared to Mango :p
    While I am here, anyone noticed the player getting fairly warm in use?
    Not crazy but still significant (not talking while charging there).
  10. headwhacker

    It gets warm but not to the point to br concerned. I'm using balanced and it does consume more power. same amount as other daps with balanced out I have.
  11. artpiggo

    Yes, Even warmer if you play hi res. When I burn in for hours, I need to turn on fan to cool it down sometimes
  12. mrhizzo
    Anyone can post a picture with the DX200 beside one Lotoo Paw Gold, Onkyo DP-X1, Plenue M2 or even an iPhone 7 for comparison?

    It's possible to install programs like Spotify? I ready about people having problems because there is no play store.
    And it's possible to play streaming radios like Digitally Imported using .pls files or just the server address?

    Thank you if someone can help me to solve these questions. :)
  13. artpiggo

    I can only answer you one question : yes it can install and play spotify
    mrhizzo likes this.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Here's a picture with DX200 and PAW Gold. (not my photo)


    mrhizzo likes this.
  15. proedros
    i see you have those great 'after dark' comps by the meister Bill brewster 

    great stuff , i have all 3 of them in my daps - BB knows his **** (also got his book 'last night a dj saved my life' , great stuff as i am going through a heavy disco/70s black music phase)
    any ther comps that are as good as those ?
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