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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. highfell
    thanks I did update successfully. No left hand channel hiss for me. I struggled to find the AMP9 special high gain toggle for a little while though , as it only shows in the settings menu if you scroll down, wasn’t very intuitive
  2. duyanh43
    I wonder if you already have a 7-800gig library and you wanted to add another song/album, do you need to scan the whole thing just to add a small fraction of songs?
  3. jon parker
    You can manually navigate to the newly added added content - play - it quickly scans and then plays that album
  4. highfell
    I read somewhere that from a sound perspective it is better to have the gain on high rather than low. Quick question as regards Amp 9 then , is it better from a sound perspective to have the special Amp 9 gain on or off with IEMS (that don’t necessarily need the special high gain Amp 9)
  5. Fernando Goñi
    I have been using the DX200 in Android with no problems at all, but when I switched into Mango Mode I got the damm hiss problem in my left channel. I have tried twice a Factory Reset but it does not solve the problem. It's the firmware which is buggy in Mango. I am using AMP9 and BTW it keeps the Gain special mode after switch off in Android, something that does not work either in Mango Mode.
    @Paul, please issue a fix for Mango, I use it 50% of the time (when not listening to Qobuz) but now it's useless...
  6. SupperTime
  7. artpiggo
  8. lantian
    Also had issues with charging with the mewest firmware. Had electric spikes, discharge/static noises the moment i connected it to charger while headphones where pluges in. Immiditaly stopped chargong. Reset the pöayer dis not help aswell. Even when pluged in a batrery pac static appeared. Evetually went back to previous firmware and all the problems dissapeared.
    Hope nothing got damaged.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  9. Tweety 99
    Hi I had my DX200 firmware Android8.1 official version V1.09.097 was updated
    Now it shows gain choice for AMP9 under Audio Settings which is confusing to me.
    What is the use? There was already gain choice in Mango and Android Mango before the update.
    I use AMP9, what happens if I choose High gain in Mango while I choose Low gain under Audio Settings?
    After all, which gain the DAP follows when inconsistent like that?
    Thanks for your advise, friends.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  10. Sharpenologist
    Thanks for the tip ... I'm having trouble with playlists on my DX220, also using Neutron and Mango.

    Sadly, this didn't work for me ...

    Any other thoughts/insights?

  11. Shecky504
    For Neutron, what directory did you put the m3u file in on the DX200? Also, did you revise the file structure for each song to match the name of your SD card? It may help if you just send me the m3u file so I can take a look.
  12. Sharpenologist
    Thanks ...

    I've tried pretty much every combination of names for the SD card [exported one of the automagically created playlists so I could see what Neutron thought the SD card was called, created and exported a small playlist from Mango to see what it was using, and tried several variations/combinations of those] ... put the playlist in the NeutronMP/playlist folder on internal storage, placed the playlist in several different locations on the SD card ... updated file/folder locations [changed \ to / and vice-versa just to see if it would make a difference] ... and NOTHING has worked.

    Don't know if this is different on a DX220 [what I'm using] and a DX200 [what is in this thread], but I'm stumped.

    Perhaps you could post the top 10 lines from one of your working playlists?

    Thanks again for your help!

  13. Shecky504
    Sure, here are a few lines from one of my playlists:

    /storage/3638-3232/Music/The Dave Bailey Sextet/One Foot In The Gutter/04 - Brownie Speaks.mp3
    /storage/3638-3232/Music/The Dave Bailey Sextet/One Foot In The Gutter/03 - Sandu.mp3
    /storage/3638-3232/Music/The Dave Bailey Sextet/One Foot In The Gutter/02 - Well You Needn't.mp3
    /storage/3638-3232/Music/The Dave Bailey Sextet/One Foot In The Gutter/01 - One Foot In The Gutter.mp3
  14. Sharpenologist
    I ended up uninstalling / reinstalling (twice), and now the playlist is able to find the media, but it is not playing in the desired order....
    Very weird.
    Any thoughts on this one?
  15. Shecky504
    Are you using Mango or Neutron? Do you have shuffle mode enabled?
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