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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. yannis
    Google translate:

    DX200 firmware Android8.1 official version V1.09.097

    Firmware is only available for DX200 upgrades that have been swiped into Android 8.1

    DX200 firmware Android8.1 official version V1.09.097 update instructions:
    update content:
    1. Some music apps cannot be automatically suspended when the headset is removed.
    2, repair the SD card name display garbled problem;
    3, repair the OTG USB sound card sound card problem;
    4. Fix the compatibility problem of some decoders when the coaxial fiber 192k output is restored;
    5. Add AAC format in Bluetooth decoding mode;
    6. Increase the AMP9 output selection function.

    This firmware is upgraded by OTA card brush. The operation steps are as follows:
    1. Download the OTA firmware package and place the OTA package (DX200-OTA_V1.07.082.zip, no decompression) on the SD card root directory.
    2. Under Android, go to Settings - System - System Update - Local Upgrade - Select your SD card root directory location - find the firmware package to enter the upgrade interface

    * After the DX150 or DX200 is swiped into the latest firmware of V8.1, there is no need to refresh the 2.XXX firmware upgrade of 6.0.
    * Please note that your player has sufficient power before upgrading. This update is recommended to be 40% or above. It is normal for the first time after the firmware update to take longer (may take 5-10 minutes), please be patient;
    * After the brush is changed from English to Simplified Chinese, the setting method is: Settings - System - Languages & Input - Languages - Add a Languag - find Chinese, select and drag out to the first place;
    * The firmware package downloaded from the overseas official website needs to be decompressed once more;


    1 item
    692 MB
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  2. JacentyEsz
    Hmmm, this new software isn't even available on official ibasso website. Why?
  3. MartussDer
    And is possible to install the lucker Add On for that new update? Or we need to wait for a new version of add on?
    I dont want to loose my play store and USB Audio Player pro....
  4. yannis
    Wait for Lurker`s new version.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  5. yannis
    Hmmmm, file is from official Chinese site ibasso.cn :)
    Firmware is almost always first there and then after few days on global site.
  6. jon parker
    TBH, I think its a disgrace that iBasso doesn't add the new mango software to the DX200 as standard. Im using the new Mango on my DX200 and it is SO much better than the old one
    Maybe as Im 'ONLY' a sub $1000 payer for one of their DAP's im not worth it? :/
    1. the old Mango is buggy, stuttery and not very good
    2. the amount of money you have to pay to buy a DX200. that alone should be enough for upgraded software
    I am surprised they haven't done this yet. In general they are a very good company :)
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  7. Jeffyue
    Just download the new firmware and install on my DX200.

    1. The installation is a no brainer. Everything smooth.
    2. The Amp9 power option is now available for both Android and Mango modes.
    3. I use solely Mango mode. So the following observations are just for Mango.
    a. Set both Gain and Amp9 output to High. But to my ears it seems not much difference. Used to be at Vol 100 with my A18t. Now get similar volume at 95.
    b. Tried to set both Gain at high, then turn the device off and on. The Gain is still at High, but the Amp9 output back to low.

    Did I miss some steps here?
  8. artpiggo
    Me too. Maybe we need to pressure them for new mango os until they get it done.
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  9. jon parker
    They sold as being their new flagship...so why the old Mango ?? (which DOES NOT work anywhere near good enough for the $$$ costs)
  10. duyanh43
    I haven't tried the Amp9 gain option on Mango but I did it on Android OS. With my N5005 and always high gain option, my volume changes from 135(Low amp9) to 110(High amp9). This I think it is even come close to Amp8’s power (I need 100 vol on amp8). Maybe try Android OS, on DX220 iirc the gain option only available on the Android
  11. duyanh43
    How can you use new Mango on DX200? Are you using Fidelizer’s FW? IMO, the new Mango is one of the distinctive features on new models, namely 220 & 160 so iBasso might not incorporate it to older model like 150/200. But I would love to have that juicy interface ^^
  12. Lurker0
    If you already can upgrade to firmware 1.09.097, and only is waiting for a compatible add-on, v1.22 is ready!
    • Magisk updated to 19.3.
    • APKPure and CoolAPK were removed.
    Note: Mango (in pure Mango mode) does not save AMP9 gain settings, so, if you need it High, you have to swithc it each time you turn DX200 on :frowning2: ... or, finally, stay in Android with any suitable music player :wink:
  13. highfell

    I have downloaded the DX200-8.1_1.09.097.zip file.

    1. Does it matter it isn’t the OTA file.
    2. Do I simply copy the file into a SD Card and follow the system update routine (like I did with the previous AMP 9 upgrade firmware)

  14. Fernando Goñi
    Just put it on the SD Card and update it. In my case it has been pretty easy and the AMP9 HIGH gain works like a charm
  15. Jeffyue
    Thanks Lurker0 for the updated firmware.
    It works perfectly now.
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