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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
  1. fuhransahis
    How would you compare it vs DX220 with Amp9?
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  2. audio123
    In brief, the DX220 will have a livelier & spacious presentation. It is less thick sounding. Cheers! :)
  3. Whitigir
    Dx200 and Amp9 is the cheapest Portable of high quality audio that you can buy ATM for KORG TUBES. The next one in line is N8 for $3800 something, that is probably more affordable ?
  4. fuhransahis
    I think he's talking about the IEM, the Aroma Ace, which is around a ridiculous $3.5k
  5. audio123
    I must say the sound is so good that it is superior to quite a number of notable flagship iems. Feel free to discuss in PM. Anyway, let's get back on track to discuss the DX200 and AMP modules. Cheers! :)
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    I have to update my DX200 and then try the AMP9. Should be fun! Loving the sound of the AMP9 with the DX220. Using it with the IT04 or the Stellia is excellent! I even was using it with the Ether II and it did a good job. Tubes on the go, fun.
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  7. audio123
    Same here, the DX220 has a very good synergy with the AMP9. It is expansive & smooth!
  8. Darren Cotter
  9. Signal2Noise
    I was referring to those Aroma Ace IEMs.

    I have DX200 and will be ordering AMP9 as soon as it posts on site.
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  10. singleended5863
    DX220 and amp9 will probably my end game for awhile. N8 is over my budget and SP2000 doesn’t get my impression and attention even though it looks beautifully and very fast UI. It actually sounds like SR15 but not much bass. :wink:
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  11. Pictograms
    I’ve never actually checked but the manual says
    “A full charge takes about 3.5 hours with 5V 2A USB AC adapter, when the DX200 is powered off.”
    So no, but not a ridiculous charge time.
  12. jamato8 Contributor
    It doesn't have the chip for fast charging so no, it doesn't support it. I don't like to totally discharge but it takes 3.5 hours or a little longer. Normally from 50 % 2 hours or so.
  13. jamato8 Contributor
    AMP9 works great with the DX200 after the update! Onward and upward. lol Oh, and the sound is very, very good.
  14. Retropsych
    Is it likely an Amp8 type tube amp with 4.4 balanced will be released at some point?
  15. singleended5863
    You might have to wait the new DX300/ amp8 tube with output 4.4 balanced. :wink:
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