DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 **Firmware 2.10.215**

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. ctaxxxx
    I can speak from driving the Eikon & Atticus, which are also 300 ohms. The main problem I had was volume for louder listening. It can be too low depending on the song and especially if you are using Mango EQ as well. You will get better overall performance from a desktop amp that can drive them more sufficiently. Maybe someone else with an HD800S can provide actual input.

    I think 300 ohms is the upper limit for the DX200, which is why I bought the MDR-Z1R instead. It drives them much better with little noticeable difference from a desktop amp.
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  2. tuckers
    Where can I get more screen protectors for my DX200?
  3. ctaxxxx
    Contact iBasso directly for more. They sent me two extra and I only had to pay for shipping.
  4. ValeryPaul
    I have one for sale. Just PM me.
  5. Lappy27
    I received my iBasso kit yesterday (DX200, AMP4, IT03, CB13 and CA02). Out the box, AMP1 sounded bright and a bit thin. After about 30 minutes I swapped the AMP1 for the AMP4 module. What a difference. Not subtle at all. Much more full, smoother and musical to my ears. I won't see myself ever going back to AMP1.

    As performance goes, I would say I'm really impressed by the clarity and tone of the iBasso kit. And as a firm believer in burn in, I know things will still improve. The background is absolutely black making dynamics really shined. I'm really looking forward for my Norne Draug Silver cable to arrive for my Utopia.

    Now, I need some help. I'm really goof with computer stuff. But I'm in vacation and I'm feeliing advanturous! So, I will like to know if there is any tutorials (text or video) to download Lurker0 latest firmware? I mean I don't really understand that Batch tools kit or whatever it is. A steps by steps guide will be so precious for me.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. koluludome
    Anyway to make DX200 stream songs fine via 2.4 Ghz wifi ?
  7. nazrin313
    its all in his site, he gave step by step and clear instructions. All you need is a computer. Try it, if you get stuck, just post it here, be glad to help. It's easy
  8. Dobrescu George
    As said by @nazrin313 , try to search for it in the site and then ask if you meet any issues. The step by step is presented there, and you shouldn't have any issue really. I managed to install a lot of firmwares on DX200 without any issue! :darthsmile:

    Once you manage to do the firmware update once, you'll do it right every single time.

    By the way, who else is enjoying their DX200 to the max in winter? :dt880smile:

    It has been one of the warmest winters in Romania and I've been really kicking in taking some trips around my hometown with this trusty companion!

    Also, the AMP5 module is so awesome that I have to rush my review of it soon, just so that I can share the fun with everybody!
  9. nazrin313
    Yeah i thinking i wanna go with the AMP5 route..as I will just be using SE on the go. I feel the AMP1 is good enough but I know it can get better. Just so you guys know, my mid fi desk top rig (Concero HD to LD MkIV SE) sounds sooo much better with the LAB01. Everything is wider, airy and less congested. I hope the AMP5 can provide me this
  10. headwhacker
    HD800 should not be a problem. As long as you use the balanced output. The single-ended is only half the voltage swing; thus, half the volume output.
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  11. chungjun
    Not sure if this would help... my impression/experience is that when I do listen to HD800S on my DX200 (Amp 3)... I find my volume linger at about 120 / 150 (on 'Low' gain) and 110 / 150 (on 'High' gain). This is in an indoor, study-room, overall a quite environment. My HD800S generally stays indoor - don't use it when I'm out and about.

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  12. tuckers
    Has anyone noticed a change in sound quality or character with the newish November firmware? Specifically with the Mango OS. I will probably upgrade this weekend.
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  13. Dobrescu George
    I don't think I ever noticed a large sound change with firmwares, and since I can't test them side-by-side, it could always be my mind playing tricks on me :darthsmile:

    The latest firmware is rock solid, and as always, a pleasure to use! :o2smile:
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  14. Paul - iBasso
    For those that this will be their new year, Enjoy and have an excellent 2018. Good fortune to all of you.
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  15. HiFlight
    Thank you Paul for your participation in this forum and to all at iBasso for providing us with so much musical enjoyment!!
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