DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP2, AMP3, AMP4 and AMP5. FW 2.7.188

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
  1. Whitigir
    I have no problem with dx200 UI. I kinda like it, it allows so much rooms to do stuff for customizations. Unless, you have no clues about OS and installing stuff, you want a simple player that is turned on, play music, and be done with it.
  2. AntonUAE
    Hi! I have same combo - DX-200 and Shure 846. I enjoy it a lot. Especially after removing of all inner filters in Sure 846. I have Amp1., Amp.2 and Amp.4 (latest I could't try yet because still waiting for 4.4 mm balanced cable). Amp.1 balanced seems to sound better than Amp.2 SE - as for my preference.
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  3. Dukebb13
    I have about 115 hours on my dap and amp3 now. I am currently using the new beta firmware. First the firmware. I didn’t like it at first, it seemed like the highs were too harsh for me. Now while still harsher in the highs, everything else sounds fantastic to me. If only they could tame the highs a bit. All of my listening the last few days had been with the hifiman 400i. I will go back to the Vega and HD700 and see if that tames the highs for me. The amp and dap sound real good to me now. The separation of singers and instruments are top notch. Like the last post said bass filled in nicely and I have a balanced presentation now. I could easily live with the sound I am getting now. I still want a touch of warmth in the mids and highs. I prefer some warmth so that I don’t get fatigued. To its credit, I thought this dap would fatigue my ears and it hasn’t yet. With the regular firmware I don’t have much to complain about. The highs are not as harsh and everything else still sounds great. I think my 4.4 adapter is coming today so I will let everyone know my first impressions after some listening. I still like pure mango. To my ears it is a touch warmer than the app. I am used to the slower response on the touch screen and it doesn’t bother me. I have a AK Jr so the DX200 is faster than that for me. @Paul - iBasso please ask your software guys to speed up the pure mango response and please add volume control with touch screen after turning the wheel. Thanks for making a great dap. Looking forward to other amps in the future. Like @twister6 said an amp for iems that uses less power so the battery will last longer and a tube amp would float my boat. Thanks again.
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  4. Dukebb13
    With the Vega and HD700 there is no piercing highs. It is just the combo of DX200 beta and hifiman 400i. Vegas rock.
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  5. chaiyuta
    @Dukebb13 : Compare to FW2.5, the new FW2.7 one is less warm and less vocal focused than FW2.5. To be heard harsh or not, I think It have to rely on earphones + cable..
  6. W4lt
    first i would like to say that i'm very happy with the dx200. for its price the performance is very well imo. now to the reason for this post: i got my dx200 about a month ago. first, i flashed v2.5.141-L0. At this time my plan was to listen mostly over google music. Now things have changed and i use spotify and neutron. Therefore i changed to 2.7 beta. After the change i made a factory data reset, and installed only spotify and neutron. I added a picture for what i try to explain now (sorry for bad english) So, when i charge the device to 100% (while powered off) and then turn it on, the battery drain is like "normal". After 4 hours i used a short time spotify and wifi to listen over my home stereo. After arround 15 minutes i turned spotify (and all other apps) off and turned the Airplane mode on. but as you can see in the picture: after this the battery drain increases. This does not make sense to me. because i have closed all apps and pushed the power button a short time to get a black screen. in my opinion the battery drain should be the same as at the start. what could i do? (is there something like a hard reset?)
    edit: after this post i disabled google play services... the result is attached as a picture.
    dx200_battery_.PNG dx200_battery2.png
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  7. artpiggo
    Yes I also think it drains even faster when I dont play any music compared to when I play with neutron.
  8. TheUbiquitous
    I may have missed it if this has already been commented, but is neutron now working with the DAC's full power?
    Paul had announced that they were working together but I don't remember any news after that.
  9. artpiggo
    PCM working fine. Just wait for native DSD on neutron
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  10. uzairahmed101
    Guys i am using shure se846 and looking forward to buying a DAP i have had hifiman HM 650 but didn’t like it much as it lacked in the bass department for me I wonder if DX200 would be right choice i want to make the most out of my se846 and current available choices are DX200, AK240 vanilla and AK240SS both the AKs are used and with no warranty (under and about 1000$) which DAP will I be happy with? And if i take DX200 which amp should I go with along with AMP1?

    I mainly listen to hip-hop, RNB, sometimes likes of linkinpark and such...usually the bass is more prominent in these and vocals are also important that’s why shure 846 have been rhe best for me due to their low and mid range frequency performance.
  11. artpiggo
    DX200 + Amp 3 might be one of the best combination for this genre.
  12. uzairahmed101
    Alright so any idea about the AK240/240SS deal if they are still worth it? Actually when they came out 2-3 years ago they were the best but i am hoping and praying that they are truly outclassed by the dx200 now
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  13. artpiggo
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  14. AnakChan Moderator
  15. artpiggo
    Use google translate the link. It is there.

    Updated the Google Drive Download link.

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