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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. Ultrainferno
    No, I normally do not transport any tube containing gear. I wasn't planning on bringing anything from the collection, maybe some mobile and Cypherlabs stuff. Or maybe only the stuff I am willing to sell
  2. RubenV
    Is there already a date set?
  3. Ultrainferno
    In september there's the EU Canjam, so 3.5 months from now would be right in the middle. I doubt Erik has time to organize something with his new baby taking up a lot of his time
  4. Coop
    True, but how much organizing do we really need? (And my offer to help out stands)
    We need a place to meet (I really hope Erik can make this happen again, a suitable location is probably the main issue for a meeting)
    We need to keep track of who's coming and maybe what they're bringing (I can do that)
    We need to keep track of the financial stuff (there are surely people who are better qualified than me, but willing to do it if no one else can)
    We need to shop for food & drinks (willing to do so, but might not be practical depending on the location)
    We need to arrange for powercords, tables, chairs and such
    We need to set up for the meeting
    We need to meet (I'm sure that if we all do our part, we will manage to do this :D)
    We need to clean up afterwards
    We need to chip in for a nice little present for Eriks' kid if Erik can arrange for a place to have the meet again :)
    If the meeting is held in Heerlen again, and there's a couch for me to crash on, I'm willing to come a day early to help with shopping (my car is bigger than Eriks, and from what I understand he's still traumatized from carrying last meetings' tomato soup), setting up the room and such... I also have some network hardware available that we could use to provide Wifi to the visitors if there is an internet connection available.
    So right now we need Erik to tell us if he can (and wants) to do this in Heerlen again. Otherwise we will have to look into other options.
    I would really like to have another meeting. 3 weeks after the last meeting in Heerlen I was in hospital and nearly dead. That kind of opened my eyes and made me appreciate the little joys in life a bit more. And I really do enjoy my audio gear and meeting with like-minded people.
    If the venue in Heerlen is unavailable, maybe my employer (he's an audiophile as well) is willing to provide us with a place to meet, but we'd need to have at least 2 high(-ish) end tube amp setups to convince him to do so...
  5. MuZo2
    I have a room 60 m2 above my apartment but without heaters [​IMG] 

  6. hifimanrookie
    Would my new rig convince him? :wink: its for sure higher(ish) end stuff....
  7. Negakinu
    Heerlen is no problem! The venue is ours whenever we want. As long as we make sure to plan everything beforehand and make sure everything is nice and tidy afterwards, all will be well. :) If Coop, or anyone else interested, can be my co-organizer (since Tilpo wasn't interested anymore) that would be awesome. Let's start out by emailing everyone that was on the last meet and see if they want to come. That way we can at least guarantee about 30 participants. 
    All the tables, powercords, food, logistics etc will be set up by me again. This is no problem, and I won't need much help with this, if I have one co-organiser to work with. 
  8. Coop
    Let's get this going then :)
  9. MuZo2
  10. Coop
    Erik, please drop me a PM or something so we can get this thing going :)
  11. hifimanrookie
    Yes pls... Lets start this baby up.. :D
  12. Negakinu
    Dudes, relax. I am knee-deep in baby poop atm. How about you guys start putting those feelers out there and see how many Dutch people you can find that want to come? Show 'em the link to the 2012 meet! (in my signature). I'll start brainstorming with Coop. 
  13. MuZo2

    I can do this if I get the contacts.
  14. hifimanrookie
    not only dutch are invited ofcourse!! Belgiums/germans and others are more then welcome..just as last time...right???
  15. Ultrainferno
    Belgiums? [​IMG]
    I would first pick a date guys, all depends on the date
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