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Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012: Photos and Impressions!

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  1. Ultrainferno
    I'm hoping you will ever get to see your amp and that he doesn't run away with your money, it's been really long already [​IMG]
  2. hifimanrookie
    This kind of working is his way...i talked to other custommade BC projects owners..and they all confirmed that if ur lucky to be in his favor with ur project...then u will get something special..without paying extra but it could take a while before getting it..as he likes to try new things and implement new ideas on the fly.....BUT they also said not to be pushy..but let him do his thing...One told me he almost cancelled his project because he (new owner amp) was starting to get a bit demanding for delivery...So i let him...he keeps me perfectly informed reguralery with every change or updates.. And he has a very good name..so i trust all will go fine...and a month extra wont kill me after waiting for 6 months already.

    But i understand ur fear :wink:
  3. hifimanrookie
    Just a preview what i will be bringing with me :D

    Ps..dont forget..the amp is still being built..this was first 'in proces' pic i got...the blue case is the main amp..the grey case is the case for the external powersupply...there was no room anymore for it and it is better for a lower noise floor. First pic is my new headphone..the last headphone pic is included because of my dual mono balanced custommmade cable on the pic. :wink:

    EDIT: maybe Harald (soundconsult) wants to join us again with some of his excellent products as he did last time...and especially now there are new audezes out and that new hifiman's are coming also..would be perfect to try them out then..soooooo Harald ur welcome! Also because uR a nice guy ofcourse :wink: would love to talk to u again..and i did promise him to let him listen to my new amp and my new code-x.

  4. ZarakiSan
    That's a pretty serious setup for your HE-6! It certainly deserves it, from what I hear.
    Getting the soundconsult people in on this would be amazing. I've been curious about them since the last meet, which looked very well-organized, and I too would love to explore the Hifiman and Audeze ecosystems.
    So.... Does anyone have a location? :D
    Edit: Also, my SR-007 Mk1 came in. It's been a dream for years to get one and I'm supremely happy with it.
  5. hifimanrookie

    decided not to get a HE6 in an impulsive act last month, but to get one of the few very rare (Original) Code-X' ses..just search on headfi for the Code-X appreciation thread for more info.
    Would love to hear ur sr007... As Next phone i will be getting will probably be the sr007 (MK something) or the sr009(MK something)
    I will try to contact harald from soundconsult to see if they are interested again in attending :wink:
  6. ZarakiSan
    Whoa, so that's a heavily modified HE-5 if I understand correctly. That's very interesting.
    The SR-007 has three main versions: MK1 (considered the best), MK2 and MK2.5. The latter two had slight alterations made to them that make them more aggressive and a bit less linear. The MK2.5 also takes a few design bits from the SR-009.
    The SR-009 has had a tiny little revision I believe, but nothing serious. The opinions about the SR-007 MK1 and SR-009 are varied, but they are considered two out of the three best Stax units (the original Omega being the last of the big three).
    If anyone can bring an 009, or even more unlikely an original Omega, that would be astonishing. Those two are $5K or so, and the Omega is absolutely ridiculous in rarity and will be rising in value indefinitely.
    I guess if we want the best headphones in the world represented, we'd need an R10, an HD800, and an Orpheus.I know there's one or several R10's in the Netherlands, but no idea on an Orpheus. HD800 is fairly easy, of course.
  7. hifimanrookie
    The code-x is very heavily modified in the inside...see its as what the paradox is for the standard fostex t50r
    Thanks on the very interesting info about the sr007 and 009 versions

    Yes it would be interesting to have all top tiers on one meeting :wink:
  8. laen
    Long time no type :wink:. I'd sure be interested to come if it's in Heerlen btw, and I'd love to bring my nephew, who unlink me, and no idea how, has become a music lover with focus on vinyl (so I gave him my Technics amp and an old quality turntable I had lying around), to which he listens with some nice headphones which are well known here but I forgot the brand. Anyhow, I expect him to love to listen to some stuff and see everything at a meet like this.. I just have to await till the date has been set and hear if he's able to.
    Ultrazino, Dusseldorf is only about a 45 minute drive (okay, Google Maps says it's 1 hour, but them German roads allow me to go full speed to your location) from my home location, I wouldn't mind picking you up and bringing you back so you don't have to make a long trip in a train or something if you don't feel like it :).
    As for gear.. well.. I'm still enjoying my Brainwavz B2 (that Fischer Audio DBA-02 rebrand) with the Clip+ (with the Fiio E6 to which I have doubts it matters anything if used with the B2's), and haven't bought anything new. Still interested though, especially in the TDK BA200, Phonak PFE 112, modded T50RP, DT770 AE, Etymotic Research ER-4P/R(S), if anyone has got any of this, as advised and I haven't heard any of them yet :wink:.
    My nephew might be looking for a not-too-expensive headphone amp, probably hearing a lot of headphones, and I guess he'd like to listen to some tubes (as would I hehe).
  9. hifimanrookie
    Hey! Welcome back my friend!

    Well..my 337 wont be coming with me (sold it last month to a fellow belgium headfi'er) as i will have a completely new rig in a month or so..just got my new headphone delivered..a HE-5 Code-X, i have a new dual mono cable and a new custommade (opamp based) amp is being made now...so i hope the meet will be after march..so i have some time to let it burn in probably

    PS..MAYBE ITS GOOD TO MAKE A LIST OF EVERYONE INTERESTED AND WHAT THEY WANNA TAKE WITH THEM..just an inventory.. And then we can decide if there are enough people to get this of the ground.. :p i would love to see u, crazy bunch, back.

    Just made a new pic of my new BLACK WOODY (yes black dyed real wood)headphone with the new cable attached :wink:

  10. hifimanrookie
    Oh well let me start then: i will take with me:

    - Referencesounds Code-X HE5 #15 Black Edition (only 20x originals will be made worldwide!)
    - Toxic Cables Black Widow 22awg 8wire balanced dual 3pin xlr dual mono headphone cable (custommade)
    - balanced Blue Circle Audio amp/dac (custommade)

    Next guy? :wink:
  11. ZarakiSan
    - Stax SR-007 MK1 (SZ1)
    - Stax SRM-323A
    - Hifiman HE-300
    Wow, that's a short list. I have an SR-407 but I'm sure that will be gone by the time the meet is planned. I have no reason to keep them.
  12. hifimanrookie
    I sold everything else in december to find extra funds for my amp and my headphone :wink:

    But where are the others? Coop?
  13. Tom Yum Goong
    Well if I have the time and money to make this epic seven hour journey I'm going to show up with:

    -iBasso DX50
    -Earsonics SM64
    -b1olabs PP alpha

    and thats pretty much it.
  14. Ultrainferno
    I'm bringing my good mood
  15. onyu
    The same crap as last time, 
    And probably The Wire amp.
    Carrie v1.23 + Bantam dac.
    Shure SRH1440
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