Durable Closed Back Over Ear Headphones for Travel
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Nov 19, 2013
I'll be on a couple of flights soon and would like a closed, over-ear, headphone that sounds good, isolates well and is comfortable, but that is also durable enough to go in a backpack with other travel junk.  I think my in-ears would isolate better, but I'm looking for over-ears for longer term comfort.  
So far I'm comparing the V-Moda M100 and Sennheiser Urbanite XL.  The Urbanite XL caught my eye on Massdrop.  I like that it is a little more subdued looking, has velour pads for comfort and seems (from plots on Innerfidelity) like it might be closer to neutral.  It's too bad the Urbanite XLs from Massdrop probably wouldn't ship until the middle of my first trip!  
 Are there other options to consider?  For budget, lower is better, but I'd consider the $250 V-Moda if they are really superior to all other options.
For reference, I like the sound from my AKG K267s (too fragile for travel) and K712s (too open and big for travel).  I have Vsonic GR07BEs that sometimes seem a little too bass heavy, but are otherwise accurate and spacious sounding.  I have MEElectronics M6 Pros with homemade custom tips or comply tips that will probably be my backups (or primary if I can't find some over-ears to take!).
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I think the ATH M50/M50X have very good durability for throwing in a backpack, IMO, for travel. They can be folded up, or the cups can be turned to lay flat:

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Bose QC25 - I just bought a pair in Germany for the long flight home last week (around 23 hours).  Fantastic ANC, comfortable, folds down quite small, and once inside the carry case, they are pretty well protected. I didn't expect them to sound quite as good as they do.  They are my number one choice for travel now.
And for listening to music - if you have a good set of in-ears, that maybe don't isolate too well, just use the in-ears, and slip the QC25 over the top.
Seriously good headphones for travel.
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It looks like the M50x would fold up about like the V-Moda.  How would the SQ compare to the Urbanite XL, though?  I had my eye on the Audio Technica ATH MSR7, but the charts on Innerfidelity suggest it wouldn't attenuate outside noise as well as other closed backs.
Noise cancelling might be an option.  I wonder how the Sony MDR1RNC and MDR10RNC compare to the Bose.  
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Having owned the (original) ATH-M50 and the V-Moda M-100, I can say that both travel quite nicely with that folding features. I don't know what case/bag the M50X comes with, though. The hard case for the M-100 would offer better protection for travel.

Sound-wise, the M-100 beats the M50 (unsurprising considering the ~$100 price difference). The only downside of the M-100 is that it's uneven with loads of bass, but that's what makes it so much fun (IMO).

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