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*Durable* balanced cable for Audeze LCD-2

  1. dighn
    My second set of balanced cable from Audeze for the LCD-2 is starting to go bad in the same way as the first set. Poor strain relief for the headphone connectors are causing the cable to be damaged over time.

    I'm looking for a better set of replacement cable. Nothing fancy, just well-engineered cable that won't go bad after a couple of years of normal use and aren't too expensive (< $200). Any suggestions?

    I'm hearing that the OEM cables are now using a better braided design. Is this true?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  2. Implacable
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  3. blackdragon87
    I am using a Periapt Pro cable for my LCD2 and really like it. Cost less than 100 on the site.
    You can get the Pro XlR for the LCD2 if you go balanced.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
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  4. dighn
    Thanks guys. I was gonna buy the cable from Audeze, then I saw the shipping to Canada was over $50! This makes it a $200 cable to me. Rather unappealing considering I already spent $200 on two pairs of OEM cables.

    Bought from Periapt; came out to $92 including shipping to Vancouver BC (hi blackdragon!)
  5. blackdragon87
    welcome, glad to see another member from Vancouver on these boards as well
  6. Implacable
    Glad to hear it

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