Durability comparison between DT880, HD650, and K701
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Dec 3, 2007
I'm kind of stuck between these three phones, and am having trouble deciding. I just built the Millet MAX amp, so I should have adequate amplification for all three (at least that is my understanding).

I had some Grado SR-80's for about 7 years, and kept them alive by opening them up and resoldering the connections to the driver when they broke. I did this a few times, then installed jacks and made my own cable when the stock cable started developing breaks. The last straw was when the voice coil wire broke. I tried to unwind some wire from the coil to attach to the driver solder pads in the back, but ended up breaking one end of the voice coil off, with no chance of finding it again.

All this said, I am a one headphone guy, and I like headphones that last a while, so I want the cans I buy to last a damn long time. If this means I have to make repairs, in the case of the grados, so be it. I listen to all genres of music, so ideally the cans I buy would be good at everything.

Which cans would you buy with all this taken into consideration?
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Mar 31, 2006
i think you want to see if the warranties and after-warranty service is good on those. I believe people's experiences are that Senn, AKG, and Beyer's US divisions aren't as accessible as Grado. Especially AKG.

I have the 701's and DT880's, neither of them will stand up to heavy abuse and a lot of travel and being mushed together with other stuff in a backpack, if that's what you're dealing with. The 880's come with a pretty good foam-lined case for packing/travel, but it's bulky.

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