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DUNU Trident (DN-12) Review

  1. ClieOS Contributor
    New batch of Trident now comes with the 45 degree plug.
  2. ZimmerX


    Yup. Really good actually. However the straight plug was great as well.
  3. mark2410 Contributor


    honestly i never looked for one, i was mealy commenting on the lack of venting issues i had.  its increasingly common for makers to use dynamics, not vent them to get more isolation and end up giving nothing but driver flex, these did none of that.
  4. bmeat
  5. gimster
  6. DaBomb77766
    You can also get them from Frogbeats and mp4nation.  Ebay too, I think.
    Beware that mp4nation takes weeks to ship stuff to you though.
  7. bmeat
  8. DaBomb77766
    Mp4nation ships from Hong Kong directly using hong kong post, and the shipping's free (or at least it's included in the cost of the earphone, so no extra surcharge).  Hong Kong Post sucks. :p
    I can't comment on any of those other earphones though, because I haven't heard them.  But I've heard that the Brainwavz Betas are rather good in their price range.
  9. gimster
    It's $34.50 from MP4Nation and $29.70 from Audioshop. Both offer free registered shipping.
  10. bmeat
  11. DaBomb77766
    Hm, I don't think the Trident will be very good as a monitor for drums...doesn't really isolate enough.
    What was the upper range of what you're willing to spend?
  12. bmeat
  13. gimster
    linked it a few posts back...
    It's based in Singapore.

  14. memske
    How does the shipping from audioshop compare to the shipping from mp4nation?

    Anyone have experience with it?

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