Dunu Topsound DN-18 Hawkeye Review
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Apr 28, 2012
The Dunu seems to been revised so I will be revising my review after recieving them.< added on June 13, 2012
First, I would like to thank Rocky from Dunu for choosing me to review these earphones.
Basically, there was a contest to review these earphones here:
10 People were chosen to review the DN-18, and I was one of the lucky guys.

Here is my YouTube Review:

if you hate reading, check you my video on youtube.
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Intial impressions

First thing that came to mind is that the box and the accesories that came with tis earphone is awesome for something at the 30$ price range.

It came with the following:
- Earphones
- 2 Cases
    1x Semi hard
    1x Pleather
- 1/4inch adapter
- Airline adpater
- Lots of buds
- Shirt clip
- Cleaning cloth

For 30$ you are getting more that what you would expect.
But the sound was horrible out of the box, which was the downside. Reccesed mids, Highs that arent high and not much low end punch.

After burning in

So after burning in the earphones with pink and white noise for about 20-30 hours, my impressions about the sound has changed a lot.

The bass have become tight and powerful but not overwhelming. Something close the the Monster Turbines, which i liked a lot.

They are still reccesed but not at bad as they were, intially. Vocals sound a little far, but for genres like Dub-Step, i didnt really matter.

The Highs werent that good, even after burn in, but was better that it sounded at the start. The highs feel un-natural and getting stuck at a certain frequency.

Dont expect to much from something at this price range. The sound is kidna ringing in your ears and not in your head. but I guess it sound more precise.

For 69$, I think these earphones are great.
The housing is metal so it feels sturdy and it comes with accesories that you would expect in a 50$ or more earphones.
Overall score is 7/10!

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