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DUNU DN-18 HAWKEYE (First Impressions)

  1. Magicman74
    First off I would like to thank Rocky and the guys at Dunu/Topsound for the chance to give these IEMS a try.
    I was the winner of the contest offered last week and the IEMS arrived earlier today. These are my impressions right out of the box.
     Rocky said these need a lot of burn so these are my 1st take, I think we have a winner here..So far so good...Really good.
    I will do some pics and all that a little later but here is a good great unboxing done by UncleTone, This is just to give you an idea of what's in the box ect..I believe his review came from version one which Dunu retuned the IEMS since.  Tones review is not even close to what I'm hearing, not even close..So I believe the revision made these a lot better.
    First off these IEMS just scream high quality.  The MRSP is $60 U.S .  No way, I say.
    The build quality of these are like no other..Rock Solid.  The housings look and feel like they are machined from the highest quality metal. The finish is just amazing. The nozzles are protected by a fine mesh and it has nice strain relief system in place.
    They are finished off with a fantastic heavy duty Gold plated L-Plug with Dunu's built in cable wrap system.
     The cable itself is fantastic, nice and thick, it reminds of the cables that Meelectronics uses but even better.  It has the same kinda feel but just two or three notches above them.  The Y-split is covered with a nice hard plastic with a chin slider built into the system.
    I'd prefer a metal split like on a few of Dunu's others models but this one works well. 
    By no means is it cheap, I'm just being picky.
     I'd say these things are hands down one of the best built IEMS period, in any class/price range.
    I'd bet it would be rather hard to exceed these in quality by any means. Just a fantastic built IEM.
    Dunu has hit everything just right with the build on these...5 STARS!!!
    Not to forget the Amazing accessories that are included.
    Single-flange (3 sizes), bi-flange, and Hybrid-style (4 pairs in 3 sizes) silicone tips, airline adapter, ¼” adapter, shirt clip, cleaning cloth, leather carrying pouch,  clamshell carrying case.  Nice and loaded down for sure. I see no problem finding a tip that will fit your needs...For $60 this is fantastic, I've seen less in IEMS costing 3 times this amount...5 STARS
     So you ask" What about the sound?"
    Well lets start with the bass.
     One word comes to mind. PUNCHY!!!  These things hit hard, but in a good way.  It's not the boomy sub-woofer type bass but more of a detailed well defined bass.  I can pick out every note, it has a very nice quality to it. It reaches down pretty deep and seems to be placed right where it needs to be. It does have a small bleed into the lower mids but still doesn't smear them.
     Everything is well pronounced with just the right amount of sub bass rumble to be quite enjoyable. I think these would please non-and bassheads alike.  For my ears and music taste it's just the right amount..I think even after some more head time the bass might even tighten up more, It's tight and punchy now, this could get scary after burn in...I'm liking this a lot so far..
    The mids these put out are quite nice as well.  I'd say just a tad north of neutral.  It has a very warm sound to them, which works quite well.  Voices sound quite nice. It has a very smooth presentation.  Details and Clarity are quite good as well. It's not the most revolving but it works nicely. It has a very buttery smooth sound that will put a smile on your face for sure.
    The Treble I would call smooth as well, It seems to be in perfect line with the mids.  It seems to reach out pretty far but it just doesn't have a lot of sparkle.  I wouldn't say it's dark, there is quite a lot of detail but it's just a tad smooth.
    To me it's balanced with the mids which I feel works well..I like it...It's a step away from the normal v-u shape sound sig so many companies put out. 
    The soundstage is decent as well,  everything seems to be in place.  It's not the widest or the highest in it's placement but it gives you a sense of space all around. I think it works quite well with it's air and space.  I've heard other IEMS that don'e even come close here...I've had a few moments of looking around like someone was walking behind me..So it does give you a nice out of head sound with certain music...Quite nice..
    Oh, almost forgot comfort...I've had these things on for a few hours now and I have to say I forgot about them.
    They fit me perfect. I'm not a barrel type person for the most part but these seem to be the best I've used.
    I haven't noticed any cable noise at all, but I must say I'm using ear guides as well.  So at least with guides there is basically no
    microphonics.  I'd say most likely wearing these down you should be ok as well. 
    So did Dunu hit a home run...By all means YES!!!  At $60 I can highly recommend these to anyone looking for a IEM with a smooth pleasing sound.  It's a step away from the norm, but in a good way.  The build quality, accessories, sound make these IEMS fit right into the growing market perfectly, maybe even ahead of other IEMS by a decent margin..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
  2. outeirino
    Hey guy this sounds pretty good, you'll write more impressions when burn in?
  3. Magicman74
    Oh yes, I'm really liking these IEMS.  Even right out of the box they sound great...
  4. outeirino
    [​IMG] Waiting hopeful friend

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