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DUNU DN-16 VS IE7 (How DN-16 developed)-Part 2

  1. Hi guys,
    I am DUNU engineer Andy. Here is More information to share with you.
    Top-Sound DN16 VS IE7 (Round 2) review event is start!!
           DN-16 first review event is coming to the end. I appreciate forum’s friend support
    and participate very much.
         Except sending some DN-16 to the forum friend to review, I also bringing some forum friends to try out DN-16 and give some comments at Zhphon’s shop in Beijing.
         I summarize the given comments below:
    1. VocalPenetrating power and density is slightly less than IE7.
    2. Bass Punch is sufficient but speed seems to be lower than IE7.
    3. TrebleIt’s full and it’s doesn’t have any grating sound. (It should be success’
                     part I think ho ho)
         Based on reviewer’s comments, we make further tuning of DN-16.
    First task was to improve Vocal’s density and low frequency’s elasticity and speed.
         Now basically tuning is already completed. Diagram is as follow:  
         We can see from figure, vocal and Low frequency part are obvious rise; after project engineers comparison, the second edition’s sound truly rise several level. We can see
    vocal density and magnetism coming out, and low frequency elasticity is better now. Low frequency resolution also upgraded, Treble performance remains full.
         At second edition, musical instrument’s engagement becomes smoother. The diagram
    of earphone’s curve can only show the earphone’s frequency tendency, sensitivity, elasticity, speed, density and so on… They all need engineer to listening and tuning step
    by step. DN-16’s improvement this time is based on the membrane and the coil part adjustments. I think the upgrade is prominent.
      (This review event below in China has ended)    

    Skip talking, we will also provide samples to get reviewer’s comments and grading, the company decided new edition DN-16 regard present 5-10 set to intend to participate audition activity’s friend.
        Want join this event’s friend you can reply the comment, we will have our service to contact you.  

         First, I want to make a statement that we are not pursuing to be the same as IE7; we
    just view it as standard of style to learn. After all, it was everybody’s recognition that IE7
    is a popular earphone. Truly, IE7 is a very good pair of earphone.
         In my opinion, DN-16 2nd edition’s style is very similar to IE7, degree of dissociation
    is better than IE7, but vocal is less than IE7.
         I attempted to make the vocal the same clarity with IE7’s. But treble burr will coming out so after long listening my ear feel uncomfortable. So we decide to sacrifice a little vocal
    to get balanced treble and mid. In sum, these two earphones both have respective flavor. After review, we hope you guys can enjoy this earphone and keep supporting DUNU.
         Sennheiser is very commonly respected brand; we never think about to defeating them, instead we learn from them. DUNU president once say, when he was in CES USA there
    are 3 Sennheiser acoustics doctors come to our stall to try our products and share some thoughts with us. Yes, there are many Germany acoustics doctor who handle tuning in Sennheiser. We try to learn not only from Sennheiser’s high quality sound but also their profession. They definitely are worth DUNU to learn.                   

         Here, I would like to thank you for your support. Your generous support encourages DUNU to keep improving our products and bring.
    Thanks again
    Andy from DUNU.
    DUNU Our pure beryllium rolled foil dynamic driver flagship, LUNA, just debuted at CanJam Shanghai! Stay updated on DUNU at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/DUNU.FANS/ https://twitter.com/DUNU_Headphone https://www.instagram.com/dunu_topsound/ http://www.dunu-topsound.com/ int_ops@dunu-topsound.com, support@dunutopsound.com
  2. Angelopsaro
    Thanks for the heads up about the iem industry[​IMG]
  3. jant71
    I, for one, don't think you guys are copying the IE7. Using them as a goal does make sense since they are well respected and popular esp. in China. Interesting though that you didn't do what they did though. Larger drivers and a more vented design really would have made it an easier task. True that the IE7 vocals are more forward and maybe more clear, I don't have them to compare anymore. I do feel that the DN-16 vocals are more enjoyable for whatever reason.
    It is good to note that the IE7 were the goal for the level of SQ but the design is very different and the sound signature is different.
    So, since we are seeing so many with 14, 15, or even 16mm drivers and highly vented designs, why did you go 9mm and airtight? I see some advantages as many people are returning phones like the EX600 as they are big and pretty bad on a commute. Smaller, straight barrel with good isolation does make a more usable phone out in the real world.
  4. jankydude
    Ordered  a pair =) 
    I'm excited to get these. Got em after I saw an unboxing of em on youtube. Good build quality (metal housing and durable wire with slider) with tons of tips and earguides all for $80. Seemed like a steal to me. And if you're trying to compete against IE7 then the SQ must be pretty damn good. Can't wait to listen to these!!!
  5. jant71
    HJE-900 and DN-16 sounds like an interesting comparison!

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