DUNU DN-1000 vs Klipsch X7 vs RHA MA750i vs Beyerdynamic DT-770 32 Ohm
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Nov 25, 2010
So I recently picked up the first three IEMS and wanted to a comparison between them. I will be parting with them except the DT-770 soon so I thought I'd write a comparison before that time comes. 
Before I begin my review I would like to say that I am by no means an audiophile. Here is my audio component history:
Hifiman RE-0
Monster Turbine
Monster Turbine Pro Copper
Beyerdynamic Dt-770 Pro 32 Ohm
Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 Computer Speakers
DUNU DN-1000
Klipsch X7
RHA MA750i
Laptop (Sager NP7358)
Phone (OnePlus One)
Build Quality:
RHA MA750i:
I'd have to say the 770's are the most durable, but I don't think it is fair to compare over ear headphones to IEMS so my discussion of them will stop here. Solely looking at the 3 IEMS, the RHA MA750i had by far the best build quality. I especially appreciated the use of stainless steel on all of their connections and the spring strain relief. Many of my IEMS have broken in this past and usually it is at the plug so the spring should help significantly. In addition the steel cylinders help reinforce a top-notch build quality. All weak points on the IEMS are reinforced and I would have no worries about these IEMS breaking. The cable is also very thick and sturdy. One thing I did not realize was that the IEMS are 100% intended to be worn over-ear. The cable at the end changes to black and is "permanently" curved to be around your ear. 
DUNU DN-1000:
The DN-1000's came in second place in terms of build quality. This is not to say they had lackluster build quality by any means, they simply weren't built as tank-like as the MA750i's were. Their cable is much thinner, though still of high quality. In addition, they have some strain relief build into the cable, though I would've appreciated more, especially considering my past history with weak plugs. However, the plug is angled which is nice. The middle metal connector was very high quality however, reminiscent of the MA-750i's. The driver's themselves are a nice metal, and dismiss any worry there, though I found that scratching them was rather easy. Somehow I was able to leave a smudge on the right driver, even though I never hit them or dropped them. I suspect when I picked them up they may have collided and caused the smudge? Thus, while their shininess reflects their high price, it does come at the cost of durability (the actual audio quality was not affected at all, and the smudge is only noticeable in the right lighting). The RHA MA750i's do not face this issue as they are not glossy, and more matte. The cable connection to the driver is not well reinforced however, and I would worry about issues there, especially given the weight of the driver. 
Klipsch X7:
Klipsch had an entirely different approach. RHA created a tank like IEM, DUNU created a more straightforward high class IEM, but Klipsch went for a hip modern look. For one, they are entirely white. Additionally, they feature a flag cable and utilize gray rubber and have a straight plug like the MA750i's. They also use ceramic for their driver's versus metal. Oddly enough, I am much less worried about the cable holding up with a straight cable than the circular cable of the DUNU's. However, there is a cheaper feel with the X7's than the other two. 
RHA MA750i:
Due to it's stellar build quality, I really like the design. The copious use of metal is extremely nice, down to the metal plate used to hold the tips. I found the plate was especially unique as I had never seen it before and looked especially modern and stylish. The one thing I don't like is that it is over-ear. I wish the cable could be contorted to one's liking, especially since I find that I get a better fit when I put them in directly. Unfortunately when I do so, the cable coils and I look like a fool (I don't need any help there). 
DUNU DN-1000:
I bought my pair from chupacabra314 on here and he added a bunch of extra tips so I'm not sure how many tips they came with, but I'm assuming there were more than a sufficient amount. 
RHA MA750i:
These IEMS came in a high class box with the panel of tips and a carrying box. I'm more than satisfied.
This comparison is not finished obviously, I thought I'd post it first to save my progress and see if anyone had suggestions or tips to make it better. In addition, if there are any questions or things you want me to photograph I am more than happy to, please just let me know soon since I will be parting with them in the near future. 

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