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DUNU DK-4001 --- Discussion & Impressions Thread

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  1. digititus
    I'd love to see this too
  2. 6077dino
    Seconded. That would surely be interesting.
  3. crabdog
    From memory, the DK-4001 has a more relaxed treble and slightly more polite bass. I don't want to say more than that though because it was a while back when I heard the DUNU.
  4. 6077dino
    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  5. Brooko Contributor
    From my measurement rig - matches what I hear.
    dk4001 vs fh7.png

    DK4001 vs FH7 with red filter. Dunu has more sub-bass, but cleaner mid-range (FiiO is a little more forward). FH7 has less lower treble in this config.


    dk4001 vs fh7 2.png

    This time the FH7 with the green filter - lower treble very similar. Again though - thwe bass more prominent with the Dunu.

  6. 6077dino
    Thank you
  7. Dobrescu George
    I do this a bit in my Youtube DK-4001 and FH7 videos.

    They are very different to my ears, DK-4001's treble is sensibly less in quantity than FH7, especially in the upper treble. DK-4001 is more polite :)

    Depend on what kind of sound you're looking for

    Both videos are in processing right now, will share them once I finish editing.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
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  8. 6077dino
    Sweet! Can hardly wait
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  9. Dobrescu George
    I made a video review about the Hulk Cable :)

    Since this is my first official video review about a cable, it is pretty long and a big part of it is a disclaimer. Please remember I try to be funny in my videos... :)

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  10. Brooko Contributor
    My take on the cable - in 30 seconds. Well built. Jack connectors are fantastic - easy to change, and so versatile. This should become the standard for all quality cables. Impedance qualities seem to be the same as most of my other cables. Depending on the cable compared, there can be small volume changes in output (as a result of the impedance).

    Otherwise - there is no audible change in sound - it is not smoother, it is not "more musical", there are no more details. Its job is to transmit a signal, and it does this well. Caveat - if you're using a multi-BA IEM with cross-overs, there is an outside chance that if there is a large difference in impedance between the Hulk and your current cable - you may experience a change in frequency response. The only cable I've seen this with is the MEE P1 (cable has high impedance). All of my other cables do not exhibit changes other than volume, and the change is so small (fractions of a dB) that it will be unlikely to be noticeable.

    Its on the heavy-ish side - but personally I have no issues with that, and the ergonomics are good. I did not realise there is a 2 pin version - I might have to buy one.

    There endeth my observation:

    NOTE - personal thought
    • Anyone who talks about burning in cables - run a mile, stop the video, ignore anything else they may say (in any review). Its fantasy. No physical parts, no electronics. Its just wire.
    • Anyone who does not properly volume match (so they can discount the slight volume change as being "the change"), anyone who ignores the fact that change of angle or insertion depth will produce real measurable and audible changes (a multitude more than fantasy on the cable changing sound) - see #1
    • When you start hearing someone talk about a cable as "more musical" - see #1
  11. digititus
    Lol. Well said.
  12. Jackpot77
    Hi Paul

    Cables are always an interesting debate. I'm neither pro or anti cable - have been on the fence about the effect of cables in general but do have a Hulk cable coming so hoping to listen for myself soon (volume matched via MiniDSP ears). I'm a big fan of the new connector on the 4001, so looking forward to being able to use it on multiple IEMs.

    Been having a couple of interesting discussions with people around why they think there is a scientific reason for cable burn in - as I said, I'm neither for or against, but the analyst in me did tend towards the more sceptical view., The guys at Atlas cables in the UK provided some interesting thoughts on the need to "charge" the cable dielectric, which is something that Audioquest also champion:

    "The “Burn-in “ issue whilst the weakest scientific link in the audio chain certainly has its followers and I as an engineer would like something more concrete, however when you listen to cables pre/post burn-in the change is remarkable. We believe the that the primary effect is the charging of the dielectric which opens up the bandwidth of the cable, it’s a bit like the analogy of reeds in a stream all flowing one way with the current.



    I know Audio quest have a patent called DBS which positively biases the dielectric via a battery pack, we provide a set of swept test tones to exercise the cable over its full bandwidth."

    That's from one of the engineers at Atlas - have also had another link suggested which makes interesting reading:


    Just thought you might find that interesting as I know you are firmly in the against camp when it comes to cables.
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  13. Brooko Contributor
    Going to show a few parts of this - conveys why I am skeptical:

    This implies sound changing every time cable is used then falls back to former state - like warming up a valce. But this is not what people describe in burning in. They talk about one-time change. Where are the measurements? Where are the proper audibility tests (controlled). Answer - you won't find any peer reviewed tests. Telling isn't it!

    Again where are the measurements and the tests for audibility?

    I always see lots of pretty diagrams and claim. I never see peer reviewed and controlled tests. As an engineer - surely you must wonder why ......
  14. AlexCBSN
    i've ordered this ones from shenzhenaudio (whom by the way hasnt done my shipping after 4 fkn days of my purchase, and NO, all the aliexpress sellers i have ever buy from ship within 48 hours at must, they've been responsive but still 4 days man, yesterday they told me they would ship later in the afternoon and today again same thing...totally uncool) totally trusting that the DD will be amazing and that the cable will be worth it... nobody seems to be talking about em, that kind of keeps me on the edge, still trusting that they'll be a grateful surprise... if they get shipped of course
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  15. Brooko Contributor
    One of my picks for best IEMs I've encountered at the price point .... and I need to complete and post the review.
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