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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. dudiadudia1
    hi all,

    the comfort of the 3001's was always a major draw back. even though i managed to get good seal with the supplied tips.
    the metal our housing was killing the part of my ear it was touching.

    took a chance on the Radians custom molds.
    its not much of looker but boy oh boy comfort and seal now is of another world.
    am using them currently with my LG v30+. used to listen on ~50 volume.
    with custom tips now im listening on 40 max.
    here are some pics.
    if interesting to anyone i can give more details on how i made them.
    ** if you try it first tape something on the 2 vents of each channel to not ruine the performance of the dynamic driver.
    only after the matriel has formed and only then carve a hole for the vents a remove the protective tape.
    need to polish them some more. i've polished them since these pics :)
    20180213_172313_HDR.jpg 20180213_155149.jpg 20180213_155215.jpg 20180213_172313_HDR.jpg
  2. hi-fi amateur
    Any good (non-tangle) aftermarket cables for these?
  3. ldo77
    I used the andromeda stock cable and I prefered this which was more confortable.
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  4. terrygcsi

    Did you notice any different between the stock cable and the Andromeda cable? THANKS,
  5. ryanjsoo
    Campfire cable is slightly cleaner and more separated. The stock cable is pretty solid already, main issue is those very strange ear guides. The Litz cable is super ergonomic but whether it's worth $150US is highly subjective.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  6. ldo77
    +1 :wink:
  7. terrygcsi
    Did anyone try the Dunu upgrade cable for the DK-3001?
  8. ldo77
    If you speak about the balanced cable, yes, I tried.
    But for because of the lack of flexibility, I prefered the symetrique penonaudio cable.
    However, "sonicly speaking", I really appreaciate this, with the Aune M1s.
  9. hi-fi amateur
    I just got the litz lighting cable from CA and there's definitely a SQ improvement. I'm not sure if it's the cable or the fact that I'm no longer using the apple adapter; but if your looking for a good MCMX lighting cable for your iPhone... look no further.
  10. Aphex72
    Hi everyone,

    I share with you my review and video unboxing in Spanish language for auricular.org


    Thanks for watching and your support!
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
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  11. maira
    It´s nearly impossible to buy this IEM in Europe at the moment. Does anybody know why is that so? (Im torn between the 3001 and the new Ibasso it4)
  12. hi-fi amateur
    This thread deserves more love. These are great earphones!
  13. meegja
    I don't know. There were some online shops in the UK who had them but they are out of stock.
    I got mine though through their Dunu Authorized Store channel at https://www.aliexpress.com/store/3088116 ... only time ever I did use Aliexpress :)
  14. PixelSquish
    Yah. This thread died and it's a shame, these buds kick ass. I'm still enjoying mine and have no plans to upgrade in the near future - though I could sell these and my 2000J's and get something nice as well.
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  15. phthora
    I love these earphones. They're still a weekly wear for me, which is saying a lot considering they are one of about 25 options I have for music. In fact, they were today's choice for my at work pair. Very underrated. Hopefully, as the IT04 comes out it will see some comparisons to the 3001 and more people will get interested in the latter.
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