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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. Moebiushaydn
    Struggling to get a good fit. After a couple of hours of constant repositioning and experimentation with tips, I seem to have damaged the cable—the left channel signal is now intermittent. Ugh.

    P/s: The pain from the sharp edges is a real issue for me as well.
  2. subguy812
    Yes, the pain is the real deal....the "ridge"is a design flaw. Also the fiddlin with them in your ears to achieve good seal and comfort is also the real deal, but man do they sound good.
  3. PixelSquish
    The design needs some love for sure. Not sure why the ridge at all, it seems like a design choice, but if you have ears that look like this and are the right size these fit like a glove

  4. HiFiChris Contributor
    I can definitely see why people have comfort issues with the DK-3001. I am very happy to report that I have none though. Anyway, I think that DUNU placed the ridge on the inside for a quite brilliant reason: it acts as a spacer to help keeping inner vent free and unblocked.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  5. Brooko Contributor
    Wish they'd just relocated the vent then :wink:
  6. crabdog
    I find it quite funny that people have a problem with the inside ridge. The part that gets to me is the silver ring around the DUNU on the outside. Luckily with the right tips and positioning I don't really have comfort issues any longer though.
  7. hi-fi amateur
    Isn’t there a Dunu rep on this forum that can speak on the design choice.
  8. Dobrescu George
    They fit similarly good for me as well!

    That explains some things!

    That might have been an option, but I've noticed that vents being on the inside helps many IEMs to avoid the Driver Flex issue from taking place. Very few IEMs will have the vent on the outisde. Maybe repositioning that vent on another spot on the inside might be on option for future models though

    What do you mean about that? :darthsmile:

    What issue do those rings make?

    I don't think there is one yet...
  9. subguy812
    Those damn brilliant vents get you everytime.
  10. subguy812
    Yes if I try to angle the IEM in my ear I also feel the silver ring. I am envious of those of you who have no issues whatsoever with the comfort. Unfortunately, I am in the group that has to complete a ritual only to get 15 minutes of pleasure.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  11. subguy812
    Now that I think of it kinda sounds like my sex life :ksc75smile:
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  12. Dobrescu George
    I feel really sorry to hear that...

    At least you can always get customs and those are comfortable for you!

    I think there was a company that made custom molds that would fit most IEMs, forgot the name...
  13. Brooko Contributor
    There are a lot of models with vents in different locations - more and more seem to be going to the inside lately. And the vent is there to release pressure from the DD (and can be related to flex) - but it doesn't matter whether it is on the inside or outside as long as it exists. Putting it on the inside can stop issues with wind (external though). Others can do it with perfectly smooth internal facings - so no reason Dunu can't.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  14. Dobrescu George
    You're right!

    I would prefer to always have it on the outside actually...

    I don't mind some wind, ie800 were quite silent for me since if there was any wind, I'd anyways wear some kind of hat or hood over them
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    I am personally no fan of inner-facing vents either (due to that depending on ear anatomy and placement in the ear, they can affect the sound one will get rather drastically) - but welp, usually the combination of inner- and outer-facing vents is not done randomly, but there as a significant influence of the tonal tuning. Venting the dynamic driver's front chamber affects the sub-bass the in-ear will put out (larger vent/less air resistance = less sub-bass quantity) whereas the outer vent is linked to the midbass (larger vent/less air resistance = more midbass).
    There are however some designs with a clever placement of the inner vent (so that blocking it is rather unlikely) or with additions to keep it rather free, and there are of course dynamic driver and hybrid in-ears without any venting (e.g. if the driver's response in combination with the chamber size already matches the intended target response).
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