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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. phthora
    I'll throw my 2 cents in on this bass discussion. I happen to agree with the above. The 3001 has very good sub-bass extension and an excellent sense of physical weight behind the bass. Because of this, bass feels very full and powerful, even though it does not sound very loud in the mix. In that sense, and the fact that it has great control, it reminds me a lot of planar bass. Present and authoritative in a way that I think many headphones try to recreate with excess bass quantity. In a similar way, the treble sounds brighter and is louder in the mix, but because it lacks any significant peaks or resonances it doesn't feel as bright as it measures. That is the explanation that makes sense to me anyway.
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  2. subguy812
    Exactly...all of this big bass talk was sending the wrong message...full and balanced with the bass filling in the gaps.
  3. PixelSquish
    Yeah I was listening to a lot of bass heavy indie pop last night with lots of beats. The bass was perfect. It absolutely never took over a track even for a moment, it was just the right amount with a pleasant 'feel' to it.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Put simply (IMHO) - if these were more comfortable to wear (and for me they become painful in less than an hour), they would be end-game sonically. I do not say this lightly. One of the most exquisitely tuned monitors I’ve heard.
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  5. PixelSquish
    Those are fighting words! In a good way. I can only thank the aural gods that I can wear these for hours and be comfortable.

    Praise Jesus!
  6. hi-fi amateur
    @Brooko Would you take them over the Andromedas?
  7. Brooko Contributor
    If they put them in an ergonomic shell - eg like the Dipper - yes.
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  8. phthora
    Well, I certainly didn't take you lightly. I bought them with your review and your posts in mind. The only part that I disagree with is when you said that they are uncomfortable (I have fortunate ear anatomy, I guess). They really are spectacular!

    I have never felt such an urge to proselytize for 'phones before either. I've been forcing people left and right to try them out, just to watch their face when that bass kicks them in the eardrums. I can't say that they are end-game, but they have removed several earphones from my list of 'phones to consider buying.
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  9. Brooko Contributor
    I just wish I had different anatomy - starts to get painful after 10-15 minutes. But its something Dunu really need to pay attention to. They don't do ergonomics well - on any off their monitors. Its the one limitation with their line that needs addressing.
  10. subguy812
    My only issue as well...I can deal with the shallow insertion but the pain it is tough to endure
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2017
  11. Dobrescu George
    I, for one, am really glad to see that people love them so much, and I feel happy when someone fiinds their sonic bliss.

    It is funny, I get no pain, at all, but it takes me 1-2 minutes to place them in my ears before they start to sit comfortably. If not seated well, they either break the seal, or feel uncomfortable, but after I find the sweet spot, it really is magical. Seems that I can even use the normal tips they come with this way. Even so, I agree that Dunu might need to look more into the ergonomics if they can, since I feel that the aesthetic design is not as important as the ergonomics since the inner part will always be hidden and in touch with the ear.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Putting hard edges and ridges anywhere in contact with the outer ear is not OK. Yes - you'll get some people who are prepared to have them sticking up at odd angles, or to spend a couple of minutes adjusting them so they get a modicum of comfort. But the point is - YOU SHOULDN'T NEED TO. Its a design choice. Look at what Brainwavz did with the B400, FiiO with the F9 - its simply not rocket science.

    I have large canals - which means I have to use a large tip, and still have them firmly planted to achieve a proper seal. I can't do this without having contact with my ear. And there are sharpish edges there. Its just dumb design. Sorry - but thats the truth. The DK3001 should be talked about like the Andromeda is - because it really is that good. I can't recommend it though - until they fix the ergonomics.
  13. Dobrescu George
    I agree there, it'd be better if the design was a bit comfier, it would really help them appeal more to customers as well.

    Guess I just like to play until I get the right position for me, and I don't mind it as much, but when multiple people complain about it, the issue should be addressed.
  14. PixelSquish
    My summary of this thread:

    Basically these things are amazing, with sound that rivals other iem's that are hundreds more, unless you are a bit of a treble head.

    Their ergonomics are questionable but for those who they fit, they fit very well - you just gotta try them. If they don't fit great, they probably would be bothersome.

    Verdict? Try them cause if they fit, you will be sonically happy as a clam!
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2017
  15. subguy812
    I give up images.png
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