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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. subguy812
    I prefer a more full sound as well. The DK-3001 have a great tuning acrossed the board. They impressed me on first listen. The Dynamic Driver can wonderfully fill in the thin gaps without blooming and interfering with the rest of the spectrum.
  2. subguy812
    So I was relaxing and enjoying a nice Zeus XR session and all of the DD talk made me grab the 3001.
  3. PixelSquish
    I've been listening to all the latest Indie Pop tracks I discovered lately for the last hour on the 3001's so pull up a chair. I'd offer you a drink but I don't drink. But I can offer you some fellow toe tapping and head nodding company, cause that's what it's like with these and comply tips. Lot's of smiling and chills and good stuff with good tunes.

    What tips are you rocking on these bad boys this evening?
  4. subguy812
    Large JVC Spiral Dots. Try the Police, Tea in the Sahara.
  5. Dobrescu George
    I am not inflating the treble on every IEM I have, I am bringing it to normal levels, DK-3001 is most certainly not normal, but smooth. That ain't a bad thing, most people love this sound, just worthy of mention if somebody is looking for brighter setups, we should keep in mind that our tastes are never universal, DK-3001 will stay smooth as butter up top even if you add more treble, maybe some folks want a harsher treble, they are better off knowing that.

    An example on why we need to state those things:

    ie800 is not normal either, they are somewhat enhanced in the treble and energetic, and with them, I kind of add a bit more mids.

    RE2000 has a bit too much 8kHz treble and a bit too little 16 kHz treble, again, some dB taken from there and added to the other side.

    RE800 has too little 16kHz treble, and a bit too much on 8kHz, again, would be worthy to mention those things.

    I agree with Pinky, the bass is most certainly big in a good sense, not bloated, but still feels big yet natural.

    Again, agreed with Pinky, DK-3001 is not necessarily a basshead IEM, they aren't bloated or have too much and theya ren't a basshead IEM by theior nature, but rather a very pleasanty muscally tuned IEM, I'd say. There ain't nothing wrong with that, I just personally prefer a bit more treble with my music, this doesn't mean I'll misjudge something - ie800 has a tad too little midrange. A very natural sounding headphne, for example, is Senn HD600, where I compare DK-3001 to HD650 more than to HD600...
  6. subguy812
    No worries George, you, PInky and I can agree to disagree on your description of what big bass means? I certainly don't think it would do the DK-3001 justice to classify them as bassy, they have a complete and full sound. I defer to you guys who obviously have more experience than I do. I humbly stand corrected....these things have "BIG" bass. :grinning:
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  7. Dobrescu George
    Big bass, asbolutely. They aren't bassy because the general tonality coherence doesn't tilt towards a bassy signature, but rather towards a full sound with big impact and a large, reallife-like bass.

    A bassy something is ie80/ie8 from sennheiser, where the bass is clearly bigger and more of a focus than the mids or the treble

    I know that some people might jump on me for saying this, but for the average user, DK-3001 are fairly balanced with a smooth, but present top end, it is just that the quality of the bass makes it sound big and full.

    I believe that the three of us used different tips which will lead to slightly different impressions - I used mostly spinfits :darthsmile:
  8. subguy812
    George why would people jump on you for saying this? You said big bass I have been saying all along, full and the DD fills in the gaps you are now saying what I have been saying all along. Nevermind.
  9. Dobrescu George
    Probably because of the top end actually :smile_phones:

    I said that for the average user, it will be fairly balanced because the average user will find this signature to be a real sweet spot.

    To be truly balanced, I think that it might require a smidgen more treble. Not ie800, but a bit more :darthsmile:

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about my personal tastes, which are somewhat deviant, I am talking about what truly balanced would be :o2smile:

    Even so, DK-3001 is full sounding, and the dynamic driver is pretty sweet, and they will be fairly balanced to most people out there, especially if they lean to like a smooth top end.
  10. Brooko Contributor
    Actually I’d guess most would call the treble very slightly on the bright side (or at least neutral to rest of signature), and the last thing they will need for the general public is more treble. Let’s face it George, what is right for you, is right for you - but as a reviewer it’s your duty to clearly state your preferences, so people can allow for them.

    Graphs show a really well extended treble which has no really major peaks.

    In my bio/bias I give before every review, I list my tastes and the cans I prefer. I really like the HD800S, and enjoyed cans like the RS1, DT880, and K701 - all of which are on the brighter side of neutral. The DK-3001 are pretty much perfect (to me) as far as treble goes. Taking my known preference, the graph, and my description of them gives a roadmap of where they sit relative to my preference. I think I even called them well balanced and smooth overall, but I’d never say they need more treble. That would be a particular colouration.

    Preference is always good - but as a reviewer you have to go beyond personal preference sometimes, or at least clarify enough what yours is so that others can apply their barometer to your description. And George - you are definitely one of the “I like a lot of treble” brigade. Nothing wrong with that either. But when you’re describing something, and someone might make a buying decision based on what you write - that’s a responsibility that can’t be taken lightly IMO
  11. Dobrescu George
    I think I state that in general through my work, at least at some point :darthsmile:

    Heh, I have an upper limit of how much treble I like as well, there are things that are too peaky / have too much treble for me, so probably I'm somewhere in between.

    By the way, I'd say that DK-3001's treble is comparable with HD650's more or less, ER4-XR has less treble, due to their rather forward midrange, and F9 has that peak, DK-3001 is smooth, while F9 is a bit hot in that peak, so I can describe and compare them more than properly, what I am a bit concerned about is that this is not what I'd call natural, neutral, or necessarily balanced, but rather smooth. I don't believe that something can be both balanced and smooth, smooth is smooth, balanced is more balanced, like, DK-3001 is comparable and really close to HD650/HD600, but I find HD600 to sound closer to balanced, and DK-3001 smooth, if this makes sense.
  12. cfranchi
    Hello gents

    Thanks to PixelSquish, I have a better view of how the DK-3001 can sound compared to DN-2000J (I currently have the latter).
    I was ready to pick the DK-3001 but by reading some of its reviews, I discovered the Campfire Audio Vega, a very special DD it seems.

    Did you have a chance to listen to both Vega and 3001?
    Does the Vega have the powerful bass and full vocals that 3001 has ?
    What would bring the Vega compared to 3001?
    Is the Vega worth the price difference (1300 $US vs 500 $US) ?

  13. subguy812
    You have read descriptions of both I assume? Maybe Pinky has heard Vega. Campfire is one of those I have passed on only because there are so many options in that price range. The Andromeda maybe, but only for curiosity.
  14. cfranchi
    Yes I have read descriptions but no comparisons...
    As 3001 and Vega seems to have the same sound signature I was curious about Vega.
    What other options did you consider compared to Vega signature in this price range ?
  15. crabdog
    I've heard the Vega but didn't spend much time with it so I won't say too much about it. I do remember thinking there's quite a peak in the lower treble that made me wince with one of the songs I auditioned it with (there was a bell/chime sound that landed right on the peak) and brighter treble in general.

    I think you might be a little confused with all the talk about bass in the last couple of pages. The DK-3001 is not what I'd call a bassy IEM but its bass has an effortless presence that carries a lot of authority - it is a big 13mm dynamic after all. However the overall sound is still well balanced IMO.
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