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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. hi-fi amateur
    ^ I was thinking the same thing. If this was a Shure or Sennheiser product the thread would of been close to 100 pages.
  2. PixelSquish
    very well said. that would be truth.

    here is a pic of the 3001's snug as a bug just tucked away nicely in the curves of me ears

  3. Dobrescu George
    DK-3001 are fairly new right now, I think that the public appreciation for them will continue to grow as we move forward :darthsmile:
  4. subguy812
    These truly deserve appreciation. I put them in for my morning walk, a couple of days ago, and was still amazed at the sound quality. I also wished the insertion wasn't so damn shallow and the "ridge" was not there. A fine example of avoiding the driver wars with regard to sound.
  5. PixelSquish
    I would use words like natural, balanced yet fun, vibrant, dynamic - to describe these. They are definitely noticeably better than the 2000J's for someone who asked. When you listen to the 3001's you will smile when you have a good recording on. It's inevitable.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  6. PinkyPowers
    My descriptors are: Warm but airy, balanced, smooth, bassy. :)

    I don't really think "dynamic" when listening to them. Except maybe to say, "D@mn, that dynamic bass driver is awesome!" But for the most part, I feel they're sort of relaxed in a pleasant way.
  7. PixelSquish
    dynamic as in these are a dynamic entrant in the IEM world. Progress. Action. Movement. :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  8. phthora
    I just realized that I haven't listened to any other 'phones since I got these a week ago. Not even to A/B. That's a hell of a thing for a guy who will sometimes switch 'phones from song to song. Someone mentioned in their review that these are "no fuss" earphones (or something along those lines) and I have to agree. For me, they don't need EQ or bass boost, and I even like them best straight from my DP-X1 instead of running through an external amp. Just so easy and amazing sounding with no effort on my part. Makes them very easy to use as my default 'phones.
    hi-fi amateur likes this.
  9. PinkyPowers
    All this talk of the DK3001, and I just had to bring them to work today. Many hours of splendidness, using the balanced cable and my Opus#2.
  10. PixelSquish
    I got these early Tuesday afternoon and have been listening to them for hours each day and was planning to A/B them with the 2000J's after a couple days but I quickly realized what was the point. I know these are noticeably superior. They just put a bigger smile on my face. Toe-tapping phones. Just trying out some tips at this point really. Spiral dots will be here in a week but so far I like the Comply's and the Auvio's the best. Spinfits are a no go. The stock gray silicones are pretty decent too.

    A bunch of songs have given me the chills already. These just have a fun sound, that's also beautiful and that's tuned perfectly. Toe-tapping head-nodding phones is the name of their game.
  11. subguy812
    Yes I wrote they are just plug n play...no burn-in etc. I use them frequently, it is just such an agreeable sound.
  12. subguy812
    I am glad you are enjoying them. I remember you were looking for a comparison between the DK-3001and the 2000j, now after your comparison are they in a different league?
  13. crabdog
    I agree they do everything right in terms of sound. I'm really interested to hear their new single dynamic too.
  14. PixelSquish
    :smile_phones: Didn't have to A&B them cause I didn't want to take the 3001's out of my ears to put in the 2000J's, which are a fine set of phones in their own right. The 3001's are just a class above. Now what to do with the 2000J's. The 3001's will be my EDC. Maybe have the 2000J's as backup, but for me that's an expensive backup pair. Decisions decisions.....Such is the life of good quality audio.
    HiFiChris likes this.
  15. PixelSquish
    The build quality on these is impressive. I feel like I could grab them by the end of the cord and start to twirl them about like a mace and start taking things out
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2017
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