Dual source solution: portable player and phone to headphones
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Jun 25, 2008

I would like to use my portable music player (an iaudio mp3/flac player) and my phone with a nice pair of headphones.

So I have dual sources, and could use a dual connector cable or gizmo that would allow me to switch between the phone and the player.

Today, you can get a similar solution via bluetooth, some bt headsets come with a bt adapter for another audio source (ie 3.5 mm connector) and they allow you to switch.

I want a simple corded version. Two 3.5 mm sources to one pair of headphones, or similar thing.

Thanks for any suggestions!

PS: Some links / sources:

Some manufacturers have this kind of thing for their specific headsets/headphones. I would like to choose headphones myself, and thus I need a generic solution.

Old from plantronics:
New dual MP3 player/cell phone headset from Plantronics

Shure has something like it for several models:
Shure i2C Dual Connector Earphones for Cell Phone and iPod

BT solutions:
Telecomforever.nl Wholesale for Dealers
SHB6102/79 - Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Portable headphones - Accessories - Philips

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