Dual Driver IEMs
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Nov 6, 2007
IN the market for an IEM upgrade and looking for some advice. I haven't done much research, but I feel that asking around here is a good place to start.

Currently I've been checking out the Shure se420. Does anyone have any experience with these? Any other alternatives that have dual drivers that you would recommend?
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Westone UM2's are very good and are often put on the same pedestal as the SE530's and UE triple.fi's. The UM2's are a little heavier in the bass department though but so are the Shure's as that is Shure's sound signature. The UM2's retail for $300 so are somewhat cheaper than the 350-400 that the SE420's are going for these days. The UE Super.fi 5 Pro's are also very nice. Especially for the money. Last I checked, soundearphones.com had them for about $175, which is a steal for dual driver nicely balanced earphones. Also one perk with the Super.fi 5's is that their cable is detachable so if it ever get's cold and brittle or cracks $20 will buy you a new one. The UM2's are probably the most comfortable though.
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I vote for the UE Super.fi 5 Pros. You don't want more bass than the UEs, otherwise it's unrealistic, IMHO.

I prefer the UEs with the Comply T400 foamies. The fit, isolation and comfort is exceptional with the Comply foamies.

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I'd prefer the UM-2. I had problem having a good fit with the UE and it's like about to drop out anytime even after trying with all the diff sizes and comply foams.

My UEs are perfect with the Comply T400s. I've done over 4-hours at once with no break of the seal and great comfort throughout.

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I've owned the super.fi 5 Pro as well as the UM2, and I have to say it's no contest. Build quality, ergonomics, and sound quality put the UM2 head and shoulders above the 5 Pro.

You may also want to look into the Klipsch Custom-3 and IMAGE. The Custom-3 is a dual-driver in the same price range and somewhat similar to the UM2. The IMAGE is a single-driver, but from the reviews I've read it competes with dual- and triple-driver IEMs in sound quality. I have a pair coming tomorrow and I might chime in here if you're interested in hearing my impressions.
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I know it's not dual-driver, but you might want to give the Sleek Audio SA6 some consideration, as it sounds excellent (heads and tails above the super.fi 5 Pro) without any of the deficiencies often associated with single-armature IEMs (e.g. poor bass response). One of our members, EyeAmEye, actually prefers it to Ultimate Ears' top of the line, 4-driver, custom IEM, the UE 11 Pro. (
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Originally Posted by EyeAmEye /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I know that guy, he's a bit nuts

Or maybe just discerning.
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I'm nuts too, and I've not heard its equal- now I admit I haven't heard the UE 11, or Triple.Fi 10.
But it is sure bloody good! I'll find myself sitting at home listening on them instead of my home 2-channel system.. which is California Audio Lab CL10, Coda Continuum Unison Integrated, Meadowlark Shearwater Hotrod. It rivals that setup!

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