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DTS Headphone:X v2.0 Impressions

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by johnn29, Aug 25, 2019.
  1. johnn29
    Wasn't sure what forum to post this in, mods feel free to move.

    Anyone interested in surround sound headphones should give DTS Headphone X v 2.0 a play. It's on the Windows 10 Insider preview build but will be on general release whenever that hits public.

    • Has Headphone Compensation. That's something Dolby just didn't do. And the compensation is good - they fix the horrible treble on the Bayerdynamic DT990.
    • I love the two options for spacious and closed. Means you can open it up for HT applications.
    • Height channels work! Something none of the speaker virtualization tools will be able to emulate bar the Smyth.
    • Center channel is in front of me - feels at least good as Dolby Headphone DH-2.
    • It actually sounds good for music, Atmos was terrible.

    It doesn't support 2 channel music yet though. It won't activate if you only have 2 channels active. Also no 44.1khz headphones (Bluetooth) due to a Windows issue. They're working to address that.

    Really excellent implementation - hopefully Dolby responds now.
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  2. TronII
    Not a big fan of Atmos "Music" mode?
  3. johnn29
    I didn't mind it on my s10 - just added some cross feed I felt. Was very subtle and could never get the virtual center for 2 channel music out of my head. DH-2 (the old version) could.
  4. TronII
    Interesting observation. You wouldn't think there'd be much of a difference between devices.

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