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DT990 pro unamped for tv use?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by blaalad12, Feb 14, 2015.
  1. kramer5150
    I would be happier with the DT990 amped with your Aune T1, than the DT770 straight out of the TV headphone jack.  But thats just me, and my general preference for open cans and tubes.
  2. Blaalad12
    I imagine you would be right but what about unamped compared to the dt770's? I don't like the idea of double amping as it may degrade quality and i don't wanna spend money unnecessarily just to connect the amp to the tv just to up the volume! 
    I considered just going for the 32ohm model but they are harder to find and for some reason they are a lot more expensive. 
    I can find the dt990s here for just over 100 bucks which is a reasonable price to pay if they are a good set of cans where as the 32ohm model is over 200 bucks.
    Iam tempted to just pull the trigger on a pair along with an extension cable and hopefully they will sound ok from the tv. If not i will buy a cheap headphone to rca cable for the amp and see if they sound ok from the amp. If iam still not happy ill look into other options. 
  3. kramer5150
    Well thats just what I am saying, there should be a way around your "headphone output into the amp" scenario.  I would think, somewhere along the line between your cable TV box, DVD player, Direct TV box and/or the TV itself... there are RCA line outputs somewhere that you can send a line out to the Aune T1 and amplify the line out properly.  So you really don't need to purchase anything more, except maybe an RCA cable for $5-10.
  4. Blaalad12
    If anyone owns the dt990 pros 250ohm model then can you listen to them unamped from your tv and tell me how they sound? I know it can vary but it gives me a rough idea at least. Iam assuming they will sound fine. Its the volume is all iam concerned about! 
    I have a feeling they will be fine unamped. If i was buying them strictly for music then maybe not as i would probably need them to be louder etc but for movies they should be ok unamped
    The only other headphones that are for sale here and that might be good for what i want are the ad990's and they are almost twice as expensive. 
    The sony mdr ma900s would have been my choice expect for they are also alot more expensive and harder to find online!
    The dt990s seem to be best suited for what i want and are reasonably priced so i doubt iam gonna find a better pair of cans for movies for the same price 
  5. Blaalad12
    I have an rca cable that i thought would do the trick but then learned that the rca connections on the tv were inputs not outputs! The only outputs i have to use are optical, hdmi arc, and headphone out. Someone suggested i buy an rca adapter like this http://www.freesat.ie/avactis-images/ScarttoRCALead.jpg and just plug the red and white into the amp and the scart into the tv but would that work? isn't the scart for input ?
  6. kramer5150
    argh, bummers.  You got a square peg / round hole scenario.  OK heres where things get dicey and all.  Amping a clean headphone output is not the worst thing in the world, provided its a "clean" headphone circuit.  There are some headphone outs that are as clean as RCA outs... Macbook Pro for example.  And thats the big "if" in all of this.  Heres what I'd do... plug the 990 straight into the TV give it a whirl.  If it plays loudly and cleanly enough theres a good chance its more than sufficient for your needs and listening habits.  You could add the amp, with an RCA Y adapter and only be out a few bucks.... since you have the amp anyways, may as well give it a shot.
    For me and my preferences... I'd rather listen to a tube-hybrid amped DT990, or the 990 unamped straight out of the TV than an unamped DT770.  BUT thats providing the headphone output is clean enough in the first place to serve as a line out.  I have to confess in all this, I have a general preference for open cans though.
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  7. Blaalad12
    I have seen a few reviews from people who used them unamped and were happy with them straight from a laptop but i have a feeling that most laptops would have better headphones outputs then tvs plus amping etc Iam gonna take a chance anyway , Iam ok with them not reaching they're full potential so long as they are loud enough and sound good with movies! They are spoke of pretty highly online and the price is very good so i cant pass these up. Unless anyone here can tell me where i can find a better sounding headphone for less then £99
  8. Blaalad12
    I plugged the tdk ba200s into the headphone jack today (I couldn't find them yesterday) First thing i noticed was that the plug didn't 'click' into place in the jack. It actually felt as though it didn't fit as it felt lose n could be pulled out easily. However, i put them in my ears and they worked fine. Volume had to be turned up more then id have to if listening through the built in speakers though? If i muted the sound i could hear a hiss but i didn't find it unbearable but certainly noticeable. Other then that they sounded fine but iam assuming i can now conclude that the tv certainly can't power high impedance headphones?

    The tv volume had be at 50% in order for the tdks to be at a satisfactory loud listening level where as when listening through the built in speakers 20% is more then enough.

    Would i be right in saying that if i go unamped my best bet would be the dt770s 32ohm model?

    Or would i be better off goin wireless? Heard some good reviews for the sennheiser rs 170 which is a lil more expensive and probably not as good sounding as the dts but might be a good alternative? If they sounded ok and didn't interfere with my wifi signal id probably be happy.
  9. Blaalad12
    Anyone online? Ha
  10. Blaalad12
    They arrived this morning :) Tried them straight from my Sony z3 initially and they sounded ok, nothing amazing but volume level was acceptable. Bass is not as punchy and hard hitting as i expected (not a bad thing imo) but i expect that to improve when amped. Vocals are great, very seductive /soothing vocals is the best way i can describe them. Treble is definitely forward, Not in a bad way really but def needs to be tamed just a tad.

    Lookin forward to seeing how they sound later when amped. If iam impressed i might just use them for music aswell as movies haha

    One more thing (already read about it here so maybe it's just in my head) but i think on certain songs i could hear a faint crackling noise in the left speaker from time to time but most songs play fine? Sound like it may be an issue or is that normal? It's not that bad, not sure it would warrant me returning them but hopefully it's not an issue.
  11. Blaalad12
    Can anyone tell me if the issue i described above is normal? Will it improve when they are amped? At the mo iam only using them from my phone an iam gettin a faint but noticeable rattling noise (kinda like what yad expect if volume levels were too high perhaps but they aint) It's not massively noticeable but it's they're during some songs and seems to only be coming from the left driver? It also only seems to be noticeable in songs with more instruments. For example, if it's just an acoustic guitar and vocals then everything is clear n crisp.

  12. ericj
    Look for a hair stuck through the foam covering the driver. It happens. There's even one guy here who found a hair had pierced the diaphragm on his beyer driver - I forget if it was a 770, 880, or 990 - they are similar in design. 
    You might have to take the foam off to be sure. To do that, you'll need to pull the ear pads off (gently) and then use a butter knife or something (BE CAREFUL) to pry up the retaining ring using the slots between the ring and the cup. The trick is to pry it up a little bit at a time - first one slot then the next. Don't try to pull it all the way out from one slot. 
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