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DT880's or something else - advice needed!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by muessig, Oct 3, 2014.
  1. Muessig
    I'm a freelance graphic designer so I tend to spend long hours in front of a computer listening to music when I'm working. When I'm out and about I have a set of Shure SE215 IEMs that are perfect for me - they have clear mids and treble with no fatigue or sibilance, with punchy and impactful bass - especially regarding extended bass. They're great.
    When I'm at the PC however, I'm not so fortunate and I'm looking to change that. I've got a gaming headset that's the Logitech G35 (closed) but the pads have started to disintegrate (common problem, apparently) and they are quite muddy in sound generally - they're your typical low-middle of the road gaming headset from a few years ago. I also don't find them that comfortable. What I'm looking to do, is get a new set of headphones that I can use for music, movies and gaming (when gaming I'd attach something like a modmic 4.0 by Antlion (or do you have any better alternatives you could suggest for me?).
    I'm looking for a good set of headphones that have a fairly neutral almost analytical and clear sound ideal for gaming (especially for FPS' where you need to hear footsteps etc.), but don't lack mids or bass and a good soundstage for positional audio. I don't mind semi-open or open headphones because I'm in a quiet room with little noise to block out or no one to bother, at a desktop.
    I'm looking into the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium's at the moment for comfort (but I'm open to suggestions) and my budget is up to £300.
    My motherboard is the Asus Maximus Hero VI and I'm wondering whether it could power a 250 OHM headset like the DT 880's or if I'd need to get a dedicated amp to power them (I'd need to save up more to get an amp with it, but I'm thinking a reasonable amp like the Objective 2 might be the solution if my motherboard couldn't power this.
    1. Can the Asus Maximus Hero VI motherboard power the DT 880's?
    2. ...or do I need a dedicated amp? If so, which one is best and will power it?
    3. Are there any other headphones you would recommend for my needs over the DT 880's?
  2. Muessig
    No advice at all?
  3. Rhamnetin
    I think you would want an amp for the 250 Ohm DT 880.  It's a good choice though, right up your alley.  The 600 Ohm version is supposed to have even more balanced sound, though I'm not sure if the O2 would be sufficient.
    I haven't heard it but the Audio Technica ATH-AD1000X is another possibility.  It is described as fairly neutral with the exception of a slight boost in the upper midrange, and it should be very good for gaming too.  The reason I'm recommending it is due to the low impedance compared to the DT 880, so it won't need an amp as much as the DT 880 would.  It's going to be much more bass light than the DT 880 though.
  4. SunshineReggae
    Well the DT880 does sound like it would fit your needs perfectly. Dunno if your motherboard will be enough, I guess it might be, the 250 Ohm DT880 is not a hard headphone to drive at all. Personally I'd just go with a fiio e9 if it wasn't enough.
  5. Muessig
    If I were to buy these can anyone recommend a place where there are any deals on them? Amazon UK has them for £278 and I can get them for roughly £248 directly from beyer's site, but are there any good UK sound shops I'm not aware of I could get them cheaper?
    EDIT: Managed to find these online from Gear4music.com which seems to be in the UK, for just £180. Never had any experience with these guys - anyone here used them before?
  6. sinnottj
    From your sonic preferences and liking of the SE215, I'd be concerned that the DT880 might be a little too sharp / sibilant for you. You might find the Sennheiser HD600 more to your tastes.

    They are currently available for £218 from amazon uk,which is a very good price (plus you get no-questions-asked returns)

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