DT880 Vs. K701
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Most of my music is crapply recorded (either by purpose for atmosphere, or lack of funds, both) but DT880 still sounds great.
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A trooper?

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Since you enjoy the Senn sound, I'd suggest you move to the HD650. The HD650 is only marginally more expensive than the K701, so it will be in the same price range.

Try to audition them if at all possible. I hear the K701 is more analytical than musical, so that may or may not be your cup of tea.
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The DT880 and K701 are similar in two big ways - lean lows, bright highs - so if you like your tunege with a bass boost bias, you'll be disappointed. But fans of clear, pretty accurate headphones need look no further, considering the price.

I just saw a used K701 in the forums for $215 not too long ago. 1993-ish DT880s can still be found even more cheaply (and with the drool-worthy aluminum box).
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A lot of this has to do with amps.

I had a HeadAmp Reference for both my Beyer 880 and AKG 701. On that amp its a no contest in favour of the AKG. The Beyer in comparison is leaner, metalic, distant and just unnatural... in comparison.

But the AKG was too small for my head so in the end I kept the Senn 650. If the AKG would have fit without mods it probably would have stayed in the end. But even with a poor fit I'd chose the AKG over the Beyer everytime. If you go Beyer go 990/05e.

The more obvious step up would be the Senn 595 though if you like the 555.
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Originally Posted by spinali /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I just saw a used K701 in the forums for $215 not too long ago. 1993-ish DT880s can still be found even more cheaply (and with the drool-worthy aluminum box).

You mean 2003?
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Thanks very much for the informative replies, and the heated discussion

I'm sorry if my question confused some people.

As for my music tastes, I prefer rock and electronica. Some bands include:


The Killers
Bloc Party
Franz Ferdinand
My Chemical Romance
The Mars Volta
The Cure


Depeche Mode
The Postal Service


Though Grado may suite my tastes, they are overpriced in Australia and there lack of soundstage may be a backward step from my HD555.


If you are still reading by now, there are 3 links below leading to possible purchases.

DT880 - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI...._promot_widget

DT990 - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-Beyerdyna...QQcmdZViewItem

K701 - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-AKG-K701-...QQcmdZViewItem


Once again, I thank you for any help you give.
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Originally Posted by skylinedo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Also want to know about K701 vs DT880 (ver. '06) in terms of comfort.

Comfort? They're both supremely comfortable. Er, tack on a caveat for the K701 though - the center pad on the underside of the headband needs physical break-in.
For this reason the DT880 is more comfortable.
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I'd rather say bass quantity. Bass impact can be better on the K701's with proper amplification.

I remember my old HD555s to have a ton of impact, I think it had more than my M50s actually, I never really noticed the bass impact on my M50s unless I thought about it, but I noticed it a lot with my HD555s. But I did do the grill mod, although you would think that that would decrease it quite a bit. My K702s do have decent bass impact on certain recordings, and I'm using them straight out of an ASUS Xonar DX since the case for my CK2III isn't here yet.

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